BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20210605T000000Z DTEND:20210605T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Join author&nbsp\;<strong>Diane Fujino</strong>\, activist-mini ster&nbsp\;<strong>Ron Fujiyoshi</strong>\, and community organizer&nbsp\; <strong>Miya Sommers</strong>&nbsp\;in a conversation around Fujino&rsquo\ ;s newest book\,&nbsp\;<em>Nisei Radicals: The Feminist Poetics and Transf ormative Ministry of Mitsuye Yamada and Michael Yasutake.</em>&nbsp\;Fujiy oshi\, a long time friend of Yasutake\, will share on his experiences work ing alongside Yasutake with a shared &ldquo\;jubilee liberation praxis.&rd quo\; Sommers will provide context for these stories within the current la ndscape of Japanese American community organizing. Portions of an intervie w with Yamada by Fujino will also be shared.&nbsp\;\n&nbsp\;\nDemanding li beration\, advocating for the oppressed\, and organizing for justice\, Mit suye Yamada (1923&ndash\;) and Michael Yasutake (1920&ndash\;2001) rebelle d against respectability and assimilation\, charting their own paths for w hat it means to be Nisei. Weaving together the stories of two distinct but intrinsically connected political lives\,&nbsp\;<em>Nisei Radicals</em>&n bsp\;examines the siblings&rsquo\; half century of dedication to global mo vements\, including multicultural feminism\, Puerto Rican independence\, J apanese American redress\, Indigenous sovereignty\, and more. From displac ement and invisibility to insurgent mobilization\, Yamada and Yasutake rej ected stereotypes and fought to dismantle systems of injustice.&nbsp\;\n\n <a href="" target="_blank"><e m>Nisei Radicals</em></a>&nbsp\;is available now from the JANM Store.\n\n< strong><a href=" \;txobjid=57812e7a-08ac-42ad-bd4a-dd17dfe18114" target="_blank">RSVP NOW</ a></strong>\n\nYou will be emailed Zoom links and instructions on how to j oin our webinar. Please register with the email that is the best way to re ach you. Contact if you have any additional questi ons or specific access concerns. SUMMARY:Nisei Radicals with Diane Fujino\, Ron Fujiyoshi\, &amp\; Miya Somm ers URL:/en/events/2021/06/05/nisei-radicals-with-diane-fujino-ron-fujiyoshi/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR