BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20210504T000000Z DTEND:20210525T000000Z DESCRIPTION:PLEASE NOTE:&nbsp\;<strong>This workshop will be conducted&nbsp \;<span style="text-decoration: underline\;">online&nbsp\;via&nbsp\;<a hre f="" target="_blank">Zoom</a>.</strong>&nbsp\;To p articipate fully\, you will need access to a device with internet\, microp hone and camera (such as a laptop\, smartphone or tablet). Registrants wil l receive the viewing link by email on the day of the event. Please note t hat all times listed are New York time (ET).\nIn our busy world\, the Japa nese art of&nbsp\;<em>ikebana&nbsp\;</em>offers a moment of calm. Flower a rrangement is an opportunity to practice mindfulness\, connect with the na tural world\, and express your creativity. The Sogetsu school of&nbsp\;<em >ikebana&nbsp\;</em>emphasizes adaptability and self-expression\, designed to be practiced by anyone\, anywhere in the world. In this four-session c ourse\, you'll learn the fundamentals of Sogetsu-style&nbsp\;<em>ikebana</ em>\, including how to select plant materials\, basic techniques to create beautiful arrangements\, and the philosophy behind the practice.\n<strong >Lesson 1</strong>&nbsp\;(Tues.\, May 4\, 6:30 &ndash\; 7:30 pm EDT) intro duces&nbsp\;<em>ikebana&nbsp\;</em>as a mindful approach to nature. Studen ts will learn fundamental principles such as proportions\, placement and f ocal point through the creation of a basic upright arrangement.\n<strong>L esson 2</strong>&nbsp\;(Tues.\, May 11\, 6:30 &ndash\; 7:30 pm EDT) explor es how to make a slanted arrangement. Students will learn about balance an d counterweight\, the use of water\, and positioning materials in a&nbsp\; <em>kenzan</em>.\n<strong>Lesson 3</strong>&nbsp\;(Tues.\, May 18\, 6:30 & ndash\; 7:30 pm EDT) focuses on an upright arrangement variation. Students will learn how to bend and shape materials and the importance of&nbsp\;<e m>ma</em>\, or empty space.\n<strong>Lesson 4</strong>&nbsp\;(Tues.\, May 25\, 6:30 &ndash\; 7:30 pm EDT) introduces an extended composition variati on. Students will learn how to arrange a centerpiece&nbsp\;<em>ikebana&nbs p\;</em>style that can be appreciated from 180 degrees.\nInstructor bio:\n <strong>Ren&eacute\;e Ni&ntilde\;o de Rivera</strong>\, founder of Ni&ntil de\;o de Rivera Communications\, Inc.\, has developed multicultural and in ternational strategies for corporations\, nonprofits and government entiti es. Her clients have included: Japan Foundation in Mexico\, Banco Mexicano \, Dupont\, Volkswagen\, The Hispanic Society of America\, Cooper Union an d Acciona in La Venta\, Oaxaca. Since 2010 she has worked closely with loc al groups in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec\, Oaxaca\, on the development of a multidisciplinary approach to help cooperatives formed by groups of indig enous women artisans achieve sustainable businesses.\nTrained as a clinica l psychologist\, as a postā€graduate she studied at the Universidad Aut&o acute\;noma de M&eacute\;xico and the University of Geneva\, Switzerland. She is an Ikebana Sogetsu Sensei and previously taught at the Consulate Ge neral of Japan in New York City. She is a member of the Board of Advisers to The World Council of Peoples for the United Nations and a former Board Member of New York Women in Communications.\n<strong>Tuition for 4 lessons </strong>:&nbsp\;$120/$96 members\, seniors &amp\; students.\n<em>Particip ants will receive digital reference materials including diagrams\, instruc tions and examples.</em> DTSTAMP:20240714T074620Z SUMMARY:Mindfulness through Ikebana: Spring Creations URL:/en/events/2021/05/04/mindfulness-through-ikebana-spring-creations/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR