BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20180511T000000Z DTEND:20180930T000000Z DESCRIPTION:In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Internment\, th e Ministry of Transportation in partnership with the Japanese Canadian com munity and local governments and historical societies/museums will be unve iling signs for 5 Internment Site Clusters and 2 Roadcamps this year. &nbs p\; Minister Claire Trevena unveiled the first Legacy Sign at Tashme on Oc t. 27\, 2017 and will be unveiling the next sign at Lillooet for the self- supporting sites on&nbsp\;Fri. May 11. &nbsp\; Please join us to commemora te our history and support our Fundraising Campaign to share our history w ith local governments\, organizations\, and schoolchildren.&nbsp\; &nbsp\; \n<em>Next stop:&nbsp\;</em>&nbsp\; Lillooet self-supporting sites: &nbsp\ ;&nbsp\;Fri. May 11&nbsp\; 1:30&nbsp\;\nLegacy sign will be unveiled toget her with the East Lillooet Stop of Interest Sign\, the Japanese Canadian I nternment Memorial Garden created by the District of Lillooet\, and a ston e memorial monument funded by our fundraising campaign.&nbsp\; Ceremony fo llowed by a reception at Fort Berens Winery. &nbsp\; Most staying overnigh t.&nbsp\; Bus available.\n<strong>Fri.\, June 15</strong>&nbsp\; &nbsp\; 9 :30 am&nbsp\; Slocan Extension (Lemon Creek\, Bayfarm Popoff\, Slocan City )&nbsp\;\n&nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\;&nbsp\;11:30 am&nbsp\; New Denver - followe d by refreshments at Memorial Centre\n&nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbs p\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\;&nbsp\;2:00&nbs p\; pm&nbsp\; Kalso &nbsp\; - followed by reception at Langham Museum &amp \; Cultural&nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; & nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\;Centre in co mbination with the Kaslo's 125th anniversary&nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\ ; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &n bsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\;celebration\n \n<strong>Sun. July 29</strong>&nbsp\; &nbsp\;Greenwood - joint commemorat ion with Family Plaques unveiling at&nbsp\;\n&nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp \; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; Greenwood Nikkei Legacy Park\n\n<strong>Fri. Sept 7&nbsp\;</strong>&nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; Hope-Princeton Roadcamp jointly with opening of the Tashm e Museum &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; & nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\;Expa nsion\n\n<strong>End Sept.&nbsp\;</strong>&nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\;R evelstoke-Sicamous Roadcamp - TBA\n\nWe are renting a bus to go up to Lill ooet\, and we'd like to organize a bus to the Kootenays unveiling on&nbsp\ ;Fri. June 15&nbsp\;in combination with hot spring visits in the area if t here is enough interest. &nbsp\; If you're interested in the bus for the&n bsp\;June 15&nbsp\;event\, please contact&nbsp\; Linda Reid-Kawamoto\, Nik kei National Museum Researcher &amp\; Archivist -&nbsp\;<a rel="noreferrer " href="" target="_blank">lreid@nikkeiplace.or g</a>&nbsp\;or myself\, Laura Saimoto -&nbsp\;<a rel="noreferrer" href="ma" target="_blank"></a>.&nbsp\; &nbsp\; The Legacy Project Committee continues to move the execution phase forward for this Sign and Interactive Map Exhibit Project as our Legacy E ducation Projects this year. &nbsp\; We ask for your participation and sup port! &nbsp\; Sincerely\, Laura Saimoto\, Legacy Project Committee Chair SUMMARY:British Columbia Legacy Sign Project Unveiling Schedule URL:/en/events/2018/05/11/british-columbia-legacy-sign-project-unveiling-sc h/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR