BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20160916T000000Z DTEND:20160916T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>T</strong><strong>akao Kawaguchi</strong>\, one of Japa n&rsquo\;s most sought-after dancers and former member of Dumb Type\, chal lenged himself to literally "copy" the dances of the late butoh master and co-founder Kazuo Ohno\, from archival recordings. What results is a haunt ingly beautiful illusory duet between Kawaguchi and Ohno. Presented just w eeks before what would have been Ohno&rsquo\;s 110th birthday\,&nbsp\;<str ong><em>About Kazuo Ohno</em></strong>&nbsp\;attempts to reconstruct Ohno& rsquo\;s timeless masterpieces\, including&nbsp\;<em>Admiring La Argentina </em>&nbsp\;(1977) and&nbsp\;<em>My Mother&nbsp\;</em>(1981)\, phrase by p hrase. This work offers the opportunity to explore and question the portra yal of gender\, specifically femininity\, that appears within Ohno&rsquo\; s repertoire.\nAs a companion piece within this program highlighting the r einterpretation of butoh by non-butoh specific artists in the 21st century \, New&nbsp\;York's&nbsp\;<strong>Big Dance Theater</strong>&nbsp\;present s&nbsp\;<strong><em>Resplendent Shimmering Topaz Waterfall</em></strong>\, a choreographic exploration of the notations of a work by another butoh l egend\, Tatsumi Hijikata.\n<strong>Fri.\, Sept. 16\, 7:30 PM&nbsp\;</stron g>(Followed by a&nbsp\;<em>MetLife Meet-the-Artists Reception</em>)<strong >\nSat.\, Sept. 17\, 7:30 PM</strong>\n<strong>\nTickets</strong>: $30 /$2 5 Japan Society&nbsp\;<a href=" dividual">members</a>. General Admission.\n\n vent/about-kazuo-ohnoreliving-the-butoh-divas-masterpieces DTSTAMP:20230922T160444Z SUMMARY:About Kazuo Ohno—Reliving the Butoh Diva's Masterpieces URL:/en/events/2016/09/16/about-kazuo-ohnoreliving-the-butoh-divas-masterp/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR