BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20160507T000000Z DTEND:20160507T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>May 7th at 7:30 pm</strong>\n<strong>The Post at 750</s trong>\n<strong>110-750 Hamilton Street</strong>\n<strong><a href="https:/ / -21293486391">Tickets $25 &ndash\; $60\nBUY TICKETS NOW via EVENTBRITE</a> </strong>\nIt&rsquo\;s Powell Street Festival&rsquo\;s 40<sup>th</sup> Bir thday and you are invited to come celebrate!&nbsp\;The festive highlights include&nbsp\;food\, drinks\, friends\,&nbsp\;and an irresistible array of auction items. Come early to enjoy a complimentary&nbsp\;<em>Kiai! </em>C ocktail mixed by <em>Ed&rsquo\;s Daily</em> in the first hour\, featuring our&nbsp\;new signature <em>Kiai!</em> Festival Blend tea by&nbsp\;Tealeav es. Then relish in Stoneboat Vineyard wine or Parallel 49 Brewing beer whi le sampling a variety of canapes. At 9 pm live music begins with jazz duo Bernie Arai &amp\; Sharon Minemoto followed by festival favourite Kaya Kur z.\n\nTickets are sold on a sliding scale from $25.00 &ndash\; $60.00 and are available in advance through&nbsp\;<a href=" e/kiai-40th-anniversary-tasting-and-fundraising-tickets-21293486391">Event brite</a>. Proceeds will support Powell Street Festival Society.&nbsp\;\n\ nAuction items include donations from&nbsp\;Blim\, Coconama\, Museum of An thropology\, Parallel 49 Brewing\, Vancouver Aquarium\, Vancouver Art Gall ery\, Glico\, Vancouver International Dance Festival\, Kirei Cleaning\, St orm Crow Tavern\, Pizza Garden\, Blenz Coffee\, Mackenzie Room\, Asia Paci fic Farms\, Hide Ebina Ceramic Works\, Arts Club Theatre\, Cambie Village Massage Therapy\,&nbsp\;The Soap Dispensary\,&nbsp\;Ulat Dryer Balls\,&nbs p\;Hand Works Coffee Studio\,&nbsp\;KimPrints Gastown\, Eterna Mountain St udios\, London Drugs\, Kikori: Japanese Antiques\, Hapa Izakaya\, Cyclone Taylor Sports\, and more! Artworks by Mary Merideth\, Rika\, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun\, Sleepless Kao (Kaori Kasai)\, and more are available. For u pdates visit&nbsp\;<a href="" target="_blank" ></a>.\n\nThank you to Stoneboat Vineyards\, Parallel 49 Brewing\, Vegan Pudding\, Fujiya\,&nbsp\;Tealeaves\, Ed&rsquo\;s Daily\, and Michael Ouchi for donating food\, drinks\, and services.\n\nProceeds w ill support Powell Street Festival Society. This past summer\, Powell Stre et Festival&nbsp\;saw a record attendance of over&nbsp\;15\,000 people&nbs p\;enjoying the free weekend celebration of Japanese Canadian arts and cul ture. In 2016\, Powell Street Festival Society plans to expand the festiva l site\, increase children&rsquo\;s activities\, and upgrade food vendor e quipment. Help make our 40th Annual Festival the best one yet from July 30 th &ndash\; 31st\, 2016!\n\n<strong><em>Accessibility Info:</em></strong>< em>&nbsp\;750 Hamilton is not at street level. The easiest&nbsp\;way to fi nd it is to get yourself to Hamilton Street between Robson and Georgia. Mi d-block\, with the Library behind you\, you will be looking at a JJ Bean c offee kiosk. To the right of that\, you will see a set&nbsp\;of&nbsp\;conc rete steps leading up. Follow those to 750 and dial 110 on the entry phone to be admitted to The Post at 750!&nbsp\;People with mobility issues&nbsp \;are encouraged to use the elevator in the atrium of the CBC&nbsp\;Broadc ast Centre at 700 Hamilton Street\, then go past the Security desk to the breezeway. 750 will be on your left when you exit the doors at Security.</ em> DTSTAMP:20230924T000348Z SUMMARY:Kiai! 40th Anniversary Party &amp\; Silent Auction URL:/en/events/2016/05/07/kiai-40th-anniversary-party-amp-silent-auction/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR