BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20150630T000000Z DTEND:20150630T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>From Hokkaido to Iowa\, Winners Come from Diverse Locat ions </strong>&nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\; &nbsp\;&nbsp\;\n\nThe Little Tokyo Historical Society recently announced the winners of its second ann ual Imagine Little Tokyo short story contest: English-language category\, Nathaniel Campbell of Fairfield\, Iowa (&ldquo\;Fish Market in Little Toky o&rdquo\;)\; Japanese-language category\, Miyuki Sato of Hokkaido\, Japan &ldquo\;Mitate Club&rdquo\;\; and youth category\, Linda Toch\, Corona\, C alifornia (&ldquo\;Kazuo Alone&rdquo\;).\n\nWinners were announced at a pu blic reception earlier this year at the Japanese American Cultural and Com munity Center in Los Angeles. Campbell and Sato\, who were both Skyped int o the reception\, each received $600\, while Toch was awarded $400. All th ree stories will be published in The Rafu Shimpo \, while also being digit ally posted with other finalists on the Japanese American National Museum& rsquo\;s Discover Nikkei (<a target="_blank"></a>) a nd Little Tokyo Historical Society&rsquo\;s website (<a href="/littletokyo" target="_blank"></a>).\n\n&ldquo\;We are impresse d with all the finalists&rsquo\; creative endeavors\,&rdquo\; said Bill Wa tanabe\, head of the Imagine Little Tokyo committee. &ldquo\;To use their imaginations to ground our beloved Little Tokyo makes this place even more current and relevant. And the addition of youth and Japanese-language cat egories further expands the scope of our mission.&rdquo\;\n\nThe following served as final judges: adult English-language\, Chris Komai\, Todd Shimo da and Tritia Toyota\; youth\, Kristin Fukushima\, Traci Akemi Kato-kiriya ma and Amy Uyematsu\; and Japanese-language\, Yukikazu Nagashima \, Eijiro Ozaki and Sunny Seki.\n\nOther finalists were the following:\n\n<span sty le="text-decoration: underline\;">English-Language\, Adult\n\nSecond Place : Jerome Stueart\, Vandalia\, OH &ndash\; &ldquo\;For a Look at New Worlds &rdquo\;\n\nHonorable Mention: Kent Morizawa\, Glendale\, CA &ndash\; &ldq uo\;The Tempura King&rdquo\;\n\nAvril Adams\, Los Angeles\, CA &ndash\; &l dquo\;The Last Movie House&rdquo\;\n\nErica Birrell\, Los Gatos\, CA &ndas h\; &ldquo\;The Distant Moon&rdquo\;\n\nDon Fenton\, Dallas\, TX &ndash\; &ldquo\;All Along This Road&rdquo\;\n\nSwan Gray\, Greenbelt\, MD &ndash\; &ldquo\;Under the Sakura Trees&rdquo\;\n\nRuben Guevara\, Los Angeles\, C A &ndash\; &ldquo\;Masao and the Bronze Nightingale&rdquo\;\n\nJanice Morr ill\, Dallas\, TX &ndash\; &ldquo\;Floating Home&rdquo\;\n\nDan Akira Nish imura\, Van Nuys\, CA &ndash\; &ldquo\;We've Only Just Begun&rdquo\;\n\nKi yoshi Parker\, Los Angeles\, CA &ndash\; &ldquo\;Alice and the Bear&rdquo\ ;\n\nChester Sakamoto\, Winnetka\, CA &ndash\; &ldquo\;Both Alike in Digni ty&rdquo\;\n\nHans Weidman\, Los Angeles\, CA &ndash\; &ldquo\;Queen of Ma nzanar&rdquo\;\n\n<span style="text-decoration: underline\;">Japanese-Lang uage\, Adult\n\nSecond Place: Michie Wakabayashi\, Boyle Heights\, CA &nda sh\; &ldquo\;Man in the Hotel&rdquo\;\n\nYuriko Kondo\, Thousand Oaks\, CA &ndash\; &ldquo\;Little Tokyo Juggler&rdquo\; &nbsp\;&nbsp\;\n\n<span sty le="text-decoration: underline\;">Youth\n\nSecond Place: Madeline Parga\, Simi Valley\, CA &ndash\; &ldquo\;Noboru&rdquo\;\n\nSarena Kuhn\, Los Alam itos\, CA &ndash\; &ldquo\;Midori's Magic&rdquo\;\n\nEach finalist receive d a commendation from Robert Park who represented California State Assembl ymember Miguel Santiago\, an Imagine Little Tokyo certificate designed by Kimsun Vong and gift certificates from Mr. Ramen and Toshi Sushi.\n\nLittl e Tokyo Historical Society: <a href=" ory-contest-2015.html" target="_blank"> story-contest-2015.html</a> DTSTAMP:20230328T044051Z SUMMARY:2ND ANNUAL IMAGINE LITTLE TOKYO SHORT STORY CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUN CED URL:/en/events/2015/06/30/2nd-annual-imagine-little-tokyo-short-story-conte / END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR