BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20141019T000000Z DTEND:20141116T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>Sun\, Oct 19\nSat\, Oct 25\nSun\, Oct 26\nSat\, Nov 8\n Sun\, Nov 9\nSun\, Nov 16</strong>\n<strong> </strong>\n<strong>All Sessio ns are 9 AM&ndash\;4 PM</strong>\n-----\n<strong>Open to the general publi c!</strong>\nSpice up mathematics lessons with Japanese cooking and origam i paper folding\, explore Japanese geography and engage visual learners\, ELL/LOTE students and reluctant readers with traditional<em>&nbsp\;kamishi bai&nbsp\;</em>storytelling and modern manga graphic novels. Throughout th is course\, Japan experts and educators will use practical\, interactive p rojects to provide an overview of Japan\, emphasizing the many and varied intersections with standard elementary curriculum. Special attention will be paid to aligning coursework with Common Core Standards and Danielson Co mponents. This course is recommended for elementary school educators inter ested in enhancing and expanding their social studies\, reading\, ELA\, ar t and mathematics lessons.&nbsp\;&nbsp\;\n<strong>This course is eligible for 3P credit from the&nbsp\;<a href="" targ et="_blank">NYC Department of Education After School Professional Developm ent Program</a>&nbsp\;(course code: P18-263F14).</strong>\n<strong>\nSessi on 1:&nbsp\;</strong>\nIntroduction to Japanese History\nTrends\, Geograph y and Demographics\, Natural Disasters and Recovery Efforts\n<strong>Sessi on 2:&nbsp\;</strong>\nDaily Life in Japan\nGlobal Awareness through Techn ology\n<strong>Session 3:</strong>\nConversing in Japanese: Language Basic s\nCelebrate Japan: Festivals and Holidays\n<strong>Session 4:</strong>\nL iteracy &amp\; Art through&nbsp\;<em>Kamishibai</em>&nbsp\;and&nbsp\;<em>M anga</em>&nbsp\;Storytelling\n<strong>Session 5:</strong>\nIt&rsquo\;s Clu b Time: Sports\, Games and Extra-curricular Activities\nTea Time: The Anci ent Art of Japanese Tea&nbsp\;\n<strong>Session 6:</strong>\n<em>Origami</ em>: Examples for Math\, Social Studies and Science&nbsp\;\n<em>Itadakimas u</em>: Japanese Cooking and Etiquette\n<em>Content subject to change.</em >\n<strong>\nRegistration Options:</strong>\n<em>To receive 3P credit from the NYC Department of Education After School Professional Development Pro gram:</em>\nPlease register and pay the non-refundable ASPDP fee ($125) di rectly on the&nbsp\;<a href="" target="_blan k">ASPDP website</a>. After successfully registering on the ASPDP website\ , please send this&nbsp\;<a href=" gacy/event/uploaded/documents/F14Form_final_fillinRev.pdf">completed regis tration form&nbsp\;</a>(PDF)&nbsp\;and include credit card information or a check for&nbsp\;<span style="text-decoration: underline\;">$100/$85 for Japan Society members\, made payable to Japan Society. (Note: We suggest t hat you open the application form with Google Chrome or Internet Explore t o fill it out directly. Or you can download and print the form to fill it out). Please mail the form and payment to Japan Society Education Programs \, 333 East 47th Street New York\, NY 10017.&nbsp\;\n<span style="font-sty le: italic\;">\nFor non-credit registration:\n<a href="http://www.japansoc pdf">Please send the&nbsp\;registration form (PDF)</a>&nbsp\;and include c redit card information or a check for&nbsp\;$225/$190 Japan Society member smade payable to Japan Society. You may sign up for individual sessions. ( Note: We suggest that you open the application form with Google Chrome or Internet Explore to fill it out directly. Or you can download and print th e form to fill it out). Please mail the form and payment to Japan Society Education Programs\, 333 East 47th Street New York\, NY 10017.&nbsp\;\nPle ase email&nbsp\;<a href="">jseducation@</a>&nbsp\;with any questions or call us at 212-715-1275.\ n\nFor more information\, <a href=" -across-the-curriculum-for-k-6-educators">visit this page</a>. DTSTAMP:20240714T071845Z SUMMARY:Japan Across the Curriculum for K-6 Educators URL:/en/events/2014/10/19/japan-across-the-curriculum-for-k-6-educators/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR