BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20140627T000000Z DTEND:20140719T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Exhibition\n Friday\, June 27* to Saturday\, July 19\, 2014\n * On June 27\, the exhibition will be open only from 7:30pm-9:30pm in conjun ction with the Opening Reception\n\nExhibition Hours\n Tuesday-Saturday 12 :00pm-5:00pm\n (June 28 - July 19)\n Closed on Sundays and Mondays\, Indep endence Day\n\nThe Designscape of Contemporary Japan\n The Japan Foundatio n presents the world premiere of the exhibition Japanese Design Today 100\ , which opens at UCLA&rsquo\;s Department of Architecture &amp\; Urban Des ign at Perloff Hall starting on June 27.\n\nFree Admission\n\nExhibition V enue\n UCLA Architecture &amp\; Urban Design\n Perloff Hall\, Decafe\, Roo m 1302\n Los Angeles\, CA 90095\n\n*Perloff Hall is located on the UCLA ca mpus.\n\nOpening Reception for the Exhibition\n Date Friday\, June 27 \n T ime 7:30pm\n\nLocation\n UCLA Architecture &amp\; Urban Design\n Perloff H all\, Decafe \n *Light refreshments will be served.\n\nDirections &amp\; P arking\n For map and directions: <a href=" visiting.html"></a>\n\n*Parki ng is available for $12\, purchase parking at the Westholme &amp\; Hilgard Ave. kiosk.\n Alternative parking is available at self-parking pay statio ns.\n\nJapanese Design Today 100 showcases the Designscape of contemporary Japan through 100 objects of Japanese design: 89 objects created since 20 10 that can be seen in Japan today\, as well as 11 objects that represent the origin of Japanese post-war modern product design.&nbsp\; These 100 pr oduct designs are displayed in 10 categories: Classic Japanese Design\, Fu rniture &amp\; Housewares\, Tableware &amp\; Cookware\, Apparel &amp\; Acc essories\, Children\, Stationery\, Hobbies\, Healthcare\, Disaster Relief\ , and Transportation.\n\nDesignscape showcases popular designs as well as what is known as high design.&nbsp\; Not all of them have the hard-edged\, clean lines typical of modern design\; many have more supple forms typica l of traditional crafts.&nbsp\; These differences reflect the tendency of current Japanese design to focus on day-to-day life in Japan\, while repre senting the Japanese lifestyle\, history\, culture and tradition.\n\nThis exhibition can be approached as a bird&rsquo\;s-eye view of Japanese desig n or it can be enjoyed in a more casual way as if taking a virtual trip to Japan.&nbsp\; It gives viewers a good idea of many aspects of contemporar y Japanese culture.\n\nSince 2004\, the previous version of this exhibitio n has been traveling around the world fascinating countless viewers in man y countries including Egypt\, India\, and Russia.&nbsp\; After a decade si nce its launch\, the Japan Foundation has updated the entire exhibition to reflect the changes in design. Los Angeles is the first port stop for Des ignscape as it embarks on another ten year journey around the world. SUMMARY:Japanese Design Today 100: The Designscape of Contemporary Japan URL:/en/events/2014/06/27/japanese-design-today-100-the-designscape-of-cont / END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR