BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20111115T000000Z DTEND:20111116T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Japanese-American Hawaiian Jake Shimabukuro (she-ma-BOO- koo-r ow) is becoming recognized as one of the world's top ukulele (oo-koo-LAY- lay) musicians. Renowned for lightning-fast fingers and revolutionary play ing techniques\, Jake views the ukulele as an &quot\;untapped source of m usic with unlimited potential.&quot\; \n\n His virtuosity defies label or category. Playing jazz\, blues\, funk\, classical\, bluegrass\, folk\, f lamenco\, and rock\, Jake's mission is to show everyone that the ukulele is capable of so much more than only the traditional Hawaiian music many associate it.\n\n Read more: <a style="color: #003399\;" href="http://even 1dhRIdbkW"> -jake-shimabukuro#ixzz1dhRIdbkW</a>\n DTSTAMP:20240520T185325Z SUMMARY:Jake Shimabukuro in Concert URL:/en/events/2011/11/15/jake-shimabukuro-in-concert/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR