BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20090223T000000Z DTEND:20090223T000000Z DESCRIPTION:McMenamins Kennedy School\n(503) 249-3983\n<a>info.ks@mcmenamin</a>\n\nOn Monday\, February 23\, 2009\, at 7 p.m.\, the Oregon Histo rical Society\, Holy Names Heritage Center and McMenamins will present a l ecture on the Japanese-American experience in Oregon during the World War II years. Guests of all ages are welcome and admission is free\; please br ing a contribution of canned goods for donation to the Oregon Food Bank. M cMenamins refreshments will also be available for purchase.\n\nThis month\ , featured speakers June Schumann\, Henry Sakamoto and Gary Higashi will p rovide historical perspectives and first-hand accounts regarding the local Japanese-American experience\, a subject now featured in <em>Stubborn Twi g</em> by Lauren Kessler\, the current selected title of Oregon Reads 2009 .\n\n<strong>June Arima Schumann</strong>\, recently retired longtime exec utive director of the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center\, will give an introduct ory overview of Oregon Nikkei history\, from 1880 up to World War II.\n\n< strong>Henry Sakamoto</strong> is the president of the Japanese Ancestral Society of Portland and co-founder of the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center. He will speak from personal experience of the internment of 112\,581 Japanese -Americans during WWII. Born and raised in Portland\, Sakamoto was a teena ger in 1942 when he and his family were among the 3\,700 persons of Japane se ancestry detained and confined under military guard at an assembly cent er now known as the Expo Center before being taken to the Minidoka\, ID\, internment camp.\n\n<strong>Gary Higashi</strong>\, a longtime history pol itical science teacher and who was born in the Minidoka internment camp\, will provide a historical perspective and interpretations of Nikkei histor y in broader context of American history and what impact it has on us toda y.\n\nAbout McMenamins Kennedy School:\nBuilt in 1915\, Kennedy School was closed in 1980 following years of declining enrollment. Purchased and res tored by McMenamins Hotels\, Pubs & Breweries\, Inc.\, the Kennedy School reopened in 1997 as a neighborhood hub with guestrooms\, a restaurant\, br ewery\, small bars\, movie theater\, soaking pool\, original artwork and m ore. Contact McMenamins Kennedy School at (503) 249-3983 or visit <a href= ""></a> for more information.\n \nAbout Oregon Historical Society:\nThe Oregon Historical Society preserve s Oregon's unique history and brings it to life through world-class exhibi ts in their interactive museum\, publications and research library. From t he Oregon Trail\, to Native American culture\, to nationally renowned Smit hsonian exhibits\, the Oregon Historical Society has educated and entertai ned Oregonians and out-of-town guests for generations. Learn more at <a hr ef=""></a>.\n\nAbout Holy Names Heritage Cent er:\nSince their arrival in the Pacific Northwest in 1859\, the Sisters of the Holy Names have striven to meet educational\, social and spiritual ne eds in the communities where they live. The Holy Names mission of educatio n and community partnership has shaped the vision for the Heritage Center. A multiuse building\, the Center engages the public through research oppo rtunities\, educational programs\, and facility rental. A welcoming place to gather\, share and make memories\, it celebrates the relationships the Sisters have forged\, introducing visitors to this rich heritage and encou raging them to be a part of its future. Learn more at <a href="http://www."></a>.\n\n\nAb out Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center:\nOregon Nikkei Legacy Center\, which open ed in 1998\, is a Japanese American museum and center that preserves and s hares the history and culture of Japanese Americans in Oregon. A project o f Oregon Nikkei Endowment\, the Legacy Center creates and hosts exhibits\, provides speakers for schools and community organizations\, offers public programs\, records videotaped oral histories\, and preserves historic doc uments and artifacts. <a href="">www.oregonnikk</a> DTSTAMP:20230322T103330Z SUMMARY:History Pub at McMenamins - Japanese-American Experience in Oregon URL:/en/events/2009/02/23/history-pub-at-mcmenamins/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR