Mitsuwa Natsu Matsuri 2007

online exhibition

My husband and I headed out to dinner tonight. On the way to the restaurant, we drove by Mitsuwa Marketplace in Torrance and saw that they were having a Natsu …

Kubota Garden

online exhibition

Kubota Garden is a public garden that is now owned by the City of Seattle and maintained by the Department of Parks & Recreation. In 1981, it was designated an …

A Yonsei's Reflections...

on Unearthing My Family's Values


This Father’s Day my sister and I will be bringing my father to the Japanese American National Museum for the opening of the Landscaping America: Beyond the Japanese Garden exhibition.

Exploring My Family "Garden"

family history

I have many uncles on both sides of my family. A large number of them worked (some still work) as gardeners, either full-time with their own routes, or part-time helping …

A Yonsei's Reflections...

on J-Town Memories


Growing up, we would come into Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo district to visit my Murakami Ba-chan who lived in Little Tokyo Towers. We’d take the elevator up to her small apartment with the display case full of kokeshi dolls, then take her out to dinner at Aoi restaurant on First …

My early J-Town memories

online exhibition

These are some of the sites that still exist in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo that I have fond memories of while growing up. Actually, we never used the name Little …

Japanese American National Museum Store Online

Sakura: Beautiful Flowering Trees of Japan


The cherry blossom, known as sakura, is the national flower of Japan. Different from the fruit-bearing trees found in other countries, these flowering trees are enjoyed mostly for their beautiful blossoms and the beauty of the falling snow-like petals. Because the blossoms only last for a few days in the …

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I'm a Yonsei, occasional artist and writer, and full-time Communications Production Manager at the Japanese American National Museum. I was born in Los Angeles and have lived in Southern California almost my entire life.

I am fluent in English, can understand about 80% of conversational Japanese, and don't know any Spanish or Portuguese (although after having worked on Discover Nikkei for so long, would like to learn someday).

I love working in Little Tokyo and living in Gardena. Both areas give me wonderful access to Japanese/Nikkei food, community, and culture. I bowl in a Nikkei league once a week, and spend my free time eating, sleeping, playing on my phone and computer, going to Disneyland, rooting for the Dodgers, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.

I love working on Discover Nikkei and learning about so many different Nikkei experiences around the world!


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