The Heart Mountain Barracks Project

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In 1942, hundreds of thousands of Japanese Americans, living on the West Coast were forced to live in internment camps due to Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order 9066.  After the …

Tanabata at JANM 2010

Community Event

Tanabata, a Japanese star festival usually celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month, is based on the love story between Orihime and Hikoboshi.  Separated by the Milky Way …

Venice Japanese Community Center Obon

community event

The Venice Japanese Community Center held their annual Obon Festival, helping bring the entire community together.  There was a huge selection of good food, games, exhibits, and entertainment!  

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Gregory Ken Kita Yamaguchi is nineteen years old, and has just completed his first year at the University of California San Diego. Majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Math/Secondary Education, he hopes to teach at the high school level in the future. Aside from his studies, Greg is a member of the UCSD Nikkei Student Union and will be a part of next year’s exec board, taking on the position of Communications (on-campus club publicity). He has also been involved at the Venice Japanese Community Center and Buddhist Temple through Scouting (eagle scout), Dharma school teaching, and Jr. YBA.

Recently, he has been given the great opportunity to be an intern for the Japanese American National Museum through the Nikkei Community Internship program. Having been involved in the Japanese American community he grew up in, he hopes to become more connected with the JA culture and community on a larger scale. He is excited to be working with the Japanese American National Museum, meeting new influential individuals, and learning more about my culture.



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