Perspective on the Dodgers: The Level Playing Field that Inspired Us All - Part 2 of 2


Read Part 1 >>What is entirely inspiring about the show is its revealing account about the Dodgers’ role in what both Kimura and Langill articulated, through community building, globalization, and civil rights. As a spectator, fan, and journalist, I had not expected to experience such a moving show insofar as …

Perspective on the Dodgers: The Level Playing Field that Inspired Us All - Part 1 of 2


It is difficult to remember any span of my childhood without thinking about baseball as the sentimental and grounding backdrop that has helped bond our mixed-race family together in Los Angeles. When the Dodgers played, it was an event that inspired in us a feeling of hope, celebration, and in …

Half Girl from Full Mother


Long before my mother was ever a child, She dreamt of my face as her Eurasian song,Never looking away at my round Asian eyes,She stared instead deeply, and flowered my rise.

Nikkei Chronicles #2—Nikkei+: Stories of Mixed Language, Traditions, Generations & Race

My Japanese Jewish Girl Fears


As a Japanese-Jewish American girl, I have suffered. It’s not just that both of my tribes were placed in camps because they were simply born, or perhaps hated for being smart, bold, different, and even oddly wonderful.

Nikkei Chronicles #1—ITADAKIMASU! A Taste of Nikkei Culture

A Japanese-Jewish Family Remains Bonded through Shared Recipes


My earliest memory is a black and white image of my young, round face peering over my parent’s dinner table. I can still smell the sweet and endless aromas that swelled from the kitchen and made their way into the dining room that anchored our family home.

Nikkei Chronicles #1—ITADAKIMASU! A Taste of Nikkei Culture

Family Meals That Integrate Rather Than Segregate


While growing up within two different cultures left my siblings and me with bittersweet challenges, we have always had the sweet comforts of the family meal and a “welcoming” table that satisfied both our appetites and spirits.

Nikkei Chronicles #1—ITADAKIMASU! A Taste of Nikkei Culture

Blending Recipes And Cultures


Whether I watched my Jewish grandfather carefully save the chicken schmaltz, after preparing Matzoh Ball soup or my Japanese grandmother make tamago gohan, a meal of rice, eggs, and shoyu. What far surpassed the intimate cooking lessons was the invaluable respect both sides of my family showed for each other’s …

Out of the Confluence Of Race, Culture, And Ethnic Heritage Artistic Masterpieces Emerge


While recently visiting my father’s art studio and viewing the vibrant cascades of colors in his larger than life paintings, I felt as if I had somehow returned home, and appreciated a true sense of belonging in a way I never imagined possible.

Menorah Musubi


It’s that special time of the year again when my family will gather around the menorah while simultaneously being reminded to take off our shoes and yelled at to start the rice.

Pearl Harbor: A Personal History Of Triumph And Success


Although picking coffee beans on her family’s Hawaiian farm was what Sumiko did each day as a child, she dreamt that one day she would design beautiful clothes. But she had no idea how much her culture would influence each exotic hue and stitch that make her designs so unique.

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Writer, Journalist and Author specializing in multicultural themes, art, politics, satire, comedy and popular culture for newspapers, books, radio, the web and television. Perhaps my greatest influence as a writer stems from my background of being half Japanese on my mother's side and Russian-Jewish on my father's side, which has inspired me to be more empathetic, interested and passionate about mixed race cultures and the varied human experience.
Raised in both Hawaii and Los Angeles by parents who are artists and former professors, I was exposed to a rich cultural and academic experience that still feeds my inspiration to create new work and continually progress and grow as a "Hapa" artist.
Some of my articles are featured in the Japanese- American National Museum exhibit entitled "Hapa-Japan, Visible and Invisible".
Currently I am writing two books about my mixed racial identity; one book will be a compilation of short humorous essays, while the other will be a novel about the 442nd Infantry.
Some of my articles can be read here on this wonderful site,


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