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They've got beef, chicken and pork, and all the toppings and salsa (verde o roja) you want.
Does a half white half Japanese girl eating authentic Mexican tacos made in the USA, or more importantly, made in Boyle Heights, make her a little more Mexican culturally? My answer: Yes. I feel part Mexican because I live in Boyle Heights and I speak some Spanish and I thoroughly enjoy eating fresh tacos.
1)What would a sociologist/anthropologist with a PhD say?
2)What would a Mexican immigrant living in Boyle Heights say?
My answers: 1) I think it could go either way, 50/50, with lots of interesting written and recorded observations. 2) I've gotten mostly positive responses from neighbors and friends, but I think that's mainly due to me looking Hispanic.

vkraus — 更新日 3月 30 2011 8:02 p.m.

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