Baptist Churches in Pre-WWII Imperial Japan


This album highlights the Wada family Christian missionary work in Japan before 1930. The Wada family started and served at several churches in Northern Japan as well as the Tokyo and Hiroshima areas before the American Baptist Home Missions asked the family to come to the United States. After graduating with a law degree from Tokyo Imperial University, Rev. Wada continued his education by attending The Baptist Theological Seminary of Yokohama established by Albert Arnold Bennett, a missionary of the American Baptist Missionary Union (now called Kanto Gakuin University). It was in Yokohama that two Baptist missionaries Jonathan Goble and Nathan Brown established the First Baptist Church in Japan. The Yokohama Baptist theology was a more evangelical approach to Christianity. This probably explains Rev. Wada’s focus on evangelism and missionary work. One of its early leaders, Honda Yoichi, became the president of the YMCA’s governing body. Rev Wada went on overseas missionary trips to Japan occupied Manchuria, Korea and Siberia for the Japan YMCA. This album is just in its infancy, so check back for updates. There are hundreds of photos and documents of the Wada family missionary work in Japan, Manchuria, Korea, Siberia and other ares in Russia.

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