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These are photos of Amache from the albums of Frank Endo of Gardena, California. You can read an autobiographical essay of Frank's life on Discover Nikkei. click here to read the article

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A small city in the middle of nowhere

About 7500 Japanese-Americans lived at Amache at its peak in October 1942, making it the 10th-largest city in Colorado at the time. Amache is located in eastern Colorado.

Post Office, Amache
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The official name of the camp was Granada Relocation Center. Popular legend says Amache was the daughter of the chief of the Cheyenne Indian tribe that once lived in the area.

Amache Food Warehouse Crew, 1943
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American pasttime

It looks like the whole camp came out to see the game. People tried to maintain some appearance of normal life.

Baseball Game, Amache
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Summer food and games 1

This photo is most likely showing the festivities next to the baseball field for the big game.

Baseball Game 1, Amache
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Summer food and games 2

The people at this booth look like they are playing some kind of game.

Baseball Game 2, Amache
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Communal living

Meal were shared in a big mess hall. Living quarters did not have kitchens.

7K Mess Hall, Amache, 1943
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7K dance

Internees organized social events to keep busy. While conditions were harsh, people did the best they could. Frank Endo is in the center, wearing an Aloha shirt.

7K Dance at Amache
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Looking for new recruits

A military recruiter visited the camp. Thirty-one Japanese American soldiers from Amache died fighting in World War II , and thirty-four resisted the draft. Frank Endo is second from right. He served in the Military Intelligence Service.

Recruiting In Amache, 1943
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Shoveling snow

Frank Endo shovels snow at Amache, Colorado, on March 19, 1944. Endo was a resident of Block 7K.

Frank Endo Shoveling Snow
Contributed by: fmpotter

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