2007 Orange County Buddhist Church Obon


On Sunday, July 15 2007, I woke my sister up from her afternoon nap and made her come with me to the OCBC obon, an obon that I had heard great things about, and thus was really looking forward to attending. My sister had never been to an obon festival, so I was extra excited to be the one to take her to her first one.

When we arrived, we were immediately amazed at the size and scope of the place. It was larger than any I had previously attended, and had the biggest variety in terms of food selection. We ate, shopped for a bit, enjoyed the taiko performance, and then watched some of the dancing.

This collection includes pictures documenting my day at the OCBC obon, as well as the overall OCBC obon experience. Please browse through and enjoy. I'll warn you, viewing this collection might cause feelings of extreme hunger. :)

The 2007 OCBC Obon took place on Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15 at the Orange County Buddhist Church, located at 909 S. Dale Avenue in Anaheim, California. To learn more about OCBC, please visit www.bca-ocbc.org

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