BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20060622T000000Z DTEND:20060630T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Dear Friends\, Compadres\, Amigos\, Tomodachi and <i>dushi-gwa- ta</i>-->\n \nJust a few informal announcements for Okinawa-related events in the Gardena\, Torrance area. For more info\, contact the OAA Center (O kinawa Association of America) directly. \n \nList of events in no particu lar order:\n \n1) Dinner and talk with Mr. Shinman Yamada\nFriday\, June 3 0\, 7:30pm at OAA Center\n16500 S. Western Avenue\, #103\nGardena\, CA 902 47\nBento orders for $10\; an intimate talk with the artist (and then perh aps some karaoke and socializing in the Yamauchi Bldg?)\n***RSVP to OAA of fice\n(310)532-1929\n<a></a>\n \nWell-known uchinanch u artist\, will be stopping by Los Angeles from June 28-July 1. Jon Shirot a\, OAA member\, friend and accomplished playwright and author\, was a cat alyst in setting up this special meeting. Mr. Shinman Yamada and his famil y expressed wanting to meet with OAA members.\n \nShinman Yamada makes pot tery and is well-known in Okinawa\, as well as mainland Japan. He goes to New York every other year to exhibit and sell his pottery. Many people may have heard of his father\, also a famous artist. The late Shinzan Yamada created the huge statue in the Okinawa Peace Prayer Hall on Mabuni Hill. M r. Yamada will be accompanied by his wife and daughter. Everyone welcome t o join!\n \n2) Alberto Shiroma - concert (free) and dinner reception (not free\, sorry!)\nSr. Shiroma of Diamantes* fame will be stopping by through Los Angeles for the second time in less than half a year! En route to Pe ru\, will be stopping for a few days in Los Angeles. He will be promoting an Uchinanchu Taikai package of his own and here to rally enthusiasm for t he Taikai coming up in October. \n \n*Diamantes (meaning “Diamonds” in Spanish) is the name of a popular pop/latin band in Japan. Alberto Shirom a in particular is well-known for being Peruvian-Okinawan Nikkei of third generation who moved to Japan to pursue his musical career. (link below hi ghlights his concert from January)<a href=" news_2005/news_news_122105.htm"> ews_news_122105.htm</a>\n<b>Welcome Dinner @ Sea Empress</b>\n1636 W. Redo ndo Beach Blvd.\nGardena\, CA 90247\n7:00 PM\, Tuesday\, June 27\, 2006\n Approximately $25\nOnce menu is set\, the price shall be\, too\, and inter ested parties will be asked to make checks payable to OAA\, Inc. Alberto w ill be accompanied by his wife and his 6 year old daughter. Everyone welco me!\n***RSVP to OAA office\n(310) 532-1929\n<a></a>\n \nFree! Performance by the Alberto Shiroma at OAA Center\, Yamauchi Bldg\ nThursday\, June 29\, 2006\n7:00pm-?\n***No RSVP needed\n \n3) Modern Hist ory Symposium on "Examining the Histories of Okinawa and Hawaii"\nGuest Sp eaker: Sam Kitamura\nSponsored by Kingendai Rekishi Kenkyukai (Modern Hist ory Study Group)\nNot OAA-sponsored\n7:00pm\, Thursday\, June 22\, 2006\nK aede Bookstore in Nijiya Market Plaza\n2147 182nd Street\nTorrance\, CA 9 0504\n$4 per person/reservation recommended\nWill be conducted in Japanese .\nRafu Shimpo had an article about this symposium where Mr. Sam Kitamura will discuss the parallels between the history of the Ryukyus (Okinawa) an d Hawai'i.\n***RSVP: <a></a> Attn: Mr. Imamori. \n \nYutashiku unige sabira!\n \nOAA Center\nMon-Fri: 10am-4pm\n16500 S. W estern Avenue\, #203\nGardena\, CA 90247\n(310) 532-1929 TEL\n(310) 808- 9280 FAX\n<a>\n</a>\n<a href="http://www.oaamensore. org"></a>\n DTSTAMP:20240424T094454Z SUMMARY:Okinawa-related events in Los Angeles for June 2006 URL:/en/events/2006/06/22/okinawa-related-events-in-los-angeles-for-june-20 0/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR