BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20220416T000000Z DTEND:20220416T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Tule Lake Stockade Diary by Tatsuo Ryusei Inouye is a diary wri tten during the brutal time he spent in the stockades.\n \n This Zoom prog ram will include:\n - Kyoko Oda\, daughter of Tatsuo Ryusei Inouye\,  spe aking of the book\n - Barbara Takei will speak about the events that lead up to the stockades\n - Hiroshi Shimizu will speak to the difficulties the Incarcerees faced\n - Prof. Masumi Izumi\, who helped to translate the di ary from Japanese to English\, will give her perspective of the diary\n \n To register for this Zoom program: <a href="" style ="color: #7351a1\; font-weight: bold\; text-decoration: underline\;" targe t="_blank"></a> \n \n For more information and to or der the Tule Lake Stockade Diaries book:  <a href="https://tulelakestocka" target="_blank"></a> DTSTAMP:20240722T191025Z SUMMARY:Tule Lake Stockade Diary book presentation URL:/en/events/2022/04/16/tule-lake-stockade-diary-book-presentation/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR