BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20150220T000000Z DTEND:20150220T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>It&rsquo\;s Me Here\, Bellett</strong>\n<strong>私の ベレット(Watashi no Beretto)</strong>\nU.S. Premiere\nOne of the few f ilms produced by the Directors Guild of Japan was a promotional film for t he Isuzu Bellett- a sedan car that began manufacture in Japan in 1963. Sta rting with&nbsp\;<strong>Yasujiro Ozu</strong>&nbsp\;as advisor to the scr ipt\, the credits include a slew of A-list film directors such as&nbsp\;<s trong>Heinosuke Gosho</strong>&nbsp\;and&nbsp\;<strong>Yoshitaro Nomura</s trong>&nbsp\;with a hip jazz soundtrack by jazz pianist and composer&nbsp\ ;<strong>Hachidai Nakamura&nbsp\;</strong>(also famous for being the compo ser of the hit song "Sukiyaki"). This mid-length movie is composed of 3 pa rts\, each featuring the Bellett prominently. Each part utilizes different colors to produce different moods\, with part 2 starring Akiko Koyama\, O shima&rsquo\;s wife. Originally made for television\,&nbsp\;<em>It's Me He re\, Bellett&nbsp\;</em>is a must-watch for Oshima fans as this will be th e first ever official screening in the U.S.\n&nbsp\;\n<strong>8 Experiment al Shorts by Osamu Tezuka</strong>\nThe grandfather of anime\, Osamu Tezuk a\, creator of legendary works such as&nbsp\;<em>Astro Boy</em>&nbsp\;and& nbsp\;<em>Buddha&nbsp\;</em>also made experimental shorts to explore the p ossibilities of animation. Series curator John Zorn selects 8 of his favor ite shorts for this screening preceding&nbsp\;<em>It's Me Here\, Bellett.< /em>\n&nbsp\;\n<strong><span />\nMale</strong>\n<strong>おす (Osu)</stro ng>\n<em>1962\, 3 min.\, Blu-ray\, color\, in Japanese with English subtit les. Directed by Osamu Tezuka.</em>\nA man in a dark room is tormented by a cool cat who wants to make love to his girlfriend cat in peace.\n&nbsp\; \n<span />\n<strong>Memory\nめもりい (Memorii)</strong>\n<em>1964\, 5 min.\, Blu-ray\, color\, in Japanese with English subtitles. Directed by O samu Tezuka.</em>\nIn what seems at first to be a light-hearted contemplat ion on memory\, this creative multi-media animation takes a more ironic an d cautionary tone.\n&nbsp\;\n<span />\n<strong>Mermaid\n人魚 (Ningyo)</s trong>\n<em>1964\, 8 min.\, Blu-ray\, color\, no dialogue. Directed by Osa mu Tezuka.</em>\nSet to Claude Debussy&rsquo\;s&nbsp\;<em>Prelude to the A fternoon of a Faun&nbsp\;</em>and set in a society where no daydreaming an d imagination is allowed\, a boy is imprisoned for claiming that a fish he rescued had turned into a mermaid.\n&nbsp\;\n<span />\n<strong>The Drop\n しずく (Shizuku)</strong>\n<em>1965\, 4 min.\, Blu-ray\, color\, no dia logue. Directed by Osamu Tezuka.</em>\nA gag-ridden comedy about a man los t on a raft and his struggle to get the last drop of water fall into his t hirsty mouth. The task proves to not be so easy.\n<strong>&nbsp\;\n<span / >\nThe Genesis\n創世記 (Souseiki)</strong>\n<em>1968\, 3 min.\, Blu-ray \, color\, in Japanese with English subtitles. Directed by Osamu Tezuka.</ em>\nA parody of John Huston&rsquo\;s 1966 religious epic\,<em>&nbsp\;The Bible: In the Beginning&hellip\;&nbsp\;</em>The intention was to make fun of this high-budget production using basically no budget at all.\n&nbsp\;\ n<span />\n<strong>Push\nプッシュ (Pusshu)</strong>\n<em>1987\, 4 min. \, Blu-ray\, color\, in Japanese with English subtitles. Directed by Osamu Tezuka.</em>\nIn this simple and sharp satire\, a man buys everything bra nd new from vending machines. He eventually goes to God and asks for a bra nd new Earth.\n<strong>&nbsp\;\n<span />\nMuramasa\n村正 (Muramasa)</str ong>\n<em>1987\, 8 min.\, Blu-ray\, color\, no dialogue. Directed by Osamu Tezuka.</em>\nA warrior finds a cursed sword stuck in a straw figure and begins cutting more straw figures\, only to find them turn into humans onc e cut. A dark cautionary tale for a world dependent on nuclear weapons. Ch aracters were designed by master kirie (paper cutting) artist Hyakkimaru.\ n&nbsp\;\n<span />\n<strong>Self-Portrait\n自画像 (Jigazou)</strong>\n< em>1988\, 13 sec.\, Blu-ray\, color\, no dialogue. Directed by Osamu Tezuk a.</em>\nThe last of Tezuka&rsquo\;s experimental animation\, his own face becomes a slot machine of various characters.\n<strong>TICKETS</strong>\n $12/$9 Japan Society members\, seniors &amp\; students\n<a href="http://ww">Become a Japan Society Member< /a>\n<a href=" the-sun">Part of&nbsp\;<em>The Dark Side of the Sun: John Zorn on Japanese Cinema</em>.</a>\nInset images\, from top:&nbsp\;<em>Male</em>&nbsp\;&cop y\; Tezuka Productions\;&nbsp\;<em>Memory</em>&nbsp\;&copy\; Tezuka Produc tions\;&nbsp\;<em>Mermaid</em>&nbsp\;&copy\; Tezuka Productions\;&nbsp\;<e m>The Drop</em>&nbsp\;&copy\; Tezuka Productions\;&nbsp\;<em>The Genesis</ em>&nbsp\;&copy\; Tezuka Productions\;&nbsp\;<em>Push</em>&nbsp\;&copy\; T ezuka Productions\;&nbsp\;<em>Muramasa</em>&nbsp\;&copy\; Tezuka Productio ns\;<em>&nbsp\;Self-Portrait</em>&nbsp\;&copy\; Tezuka Productions. 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