BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20130803T000000Z DTEND:20130803T000000Z DESCRIPTION:At first denigrated and mistrusted\, America's Nisei veterans\, now in their 80s and 90s\, earned the praise of a nation\, and ultimately \, a Congressional Gold Medal\, America's highest civilian honor.\n\nAutho r and photographer Tom Graves shares the lives of Japanese American vetera ns before\, during\, and after WWII. Graves spent a decade collecting the veterans' stories. During this period\, he spent thousands of hours interv iewing scores of veterans around the country and then translated the resul ts into individual stories of the human spirit. In<em>Twice Heroes</em>\, each black-and-white portrait (there are 98 in the oversize book) introduc es us to a veteran. The corresponding interview reveals a story of growing up in a racist America\, fighting for the same country against foreign en emies as young men at war\, and looking back as old men with the wisdom of their years.\n\nWhat readers are saying about<em>&nbsp\;Twice Heroes: Ame rica's Nisei Veterans of WWII and Korea</em>:\n&nbsp\;\n<em></em>\n<em>"Th is book adds an important chapter to the history of the World War II era i n which some proud Americans suffered discrimination and internment simply because of their Japanese ancestry.&nbsp\; ...The interviews Tom Graves h as compiled go a long way to help us understand how wartime hysteria can m ake governments make poor decisions."&nbsp\;&nbsp\; -</em>&nbsp\;Lt. Gen. Lawrence Snowden\, USMC retired &nbsp\;\n\n<em>&nbsp\;</em>\n<em>"Tom Grav es' work adds a rich dimension to an extraordinary story -- that of the Ni sei veteran in WWII and Korea. Through his portraits and their words\, he provides memorable insights into the Nisei record and legacy of loyalty an d courage. A worthy tribute to these remarkable men."</em>\n<em>-</em>&nbs p\;Gen. David A. Bramlett\,&nbsp\; U.S. Army retired&nbsp\;&nbsp\;\n\n<em> \n"The physical beauty of the photos and your gentle but powerful narrativ es touched me deeply. Knowing so many of the guys and knowing that some li ke Mr. Asai have passed away made the experience difficult. But becoming e motional is evidence that you did your job well. Thank you so much for doc umenting their stories\, their American stories\, into this incredible and beautiful book.</em>"<em>&nbsp\; -</em>&nbsp\;Ellen Sawamura\, National J apanese American Historical Society\n\n<em>&nbsp\;</em>\n<em>"Tom Graves' interviews of the Nisei reveal their patriotism\, honor\, and pride as a p eople. Vividly honest and deeply moving."</em><em>&nbsp\; -&nbsp\;</em>VFW Commander-in-Chief Rich DeNoyer\, 2011-12\n\n<em>"Wow\, to say it's a gre at book is not doing it justice. It truly is a keepsake for all generation s."</em>\n<em>-&nbsp\;</em>Susan Uyemura\, CEO\, president\, and oral hist orian\, Japanese American Living Legacy&nbsp\;\n\n<em><strong>Tom Graves</ strong>&nbsp\;is a member of the JACL\, the USMC Combat Correspondents Ass ociation\, and the USS San Francisco CA-38 Memorial Foundation\, as well a s being on the board of directors of the 99th Infantry Battalion Education al Foundation. His book Twice Heroes is available at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose (<a href=" 9Vo6p94g2ZdBTQTu0wgp6PL58KQ1e3vXSmlyjKV9PjHPc4DnwC2WcHqZnrybgscGS0IqKHxbyR PtcbUbOOIxlEA%3D%3D&amp\;lang=en" target="_blank"></a>)\, and at&nbsp\;</em><a href=" qQhLv0y9-2nU-FnfaqYONMDwUKUo-Mj83erYTpGgCbbTv5JoXvG7oXMRPH3dEPg8Giijwr65Wf He4_fEQ%3D%3D&amp\;lang=en" target="_blank"></a>.\n\nCo st: Free with admission to the museum (non-members\, $5\; students and sen iors over age 65\, $3\; JAMsj members and children under 12\, free).&nbsp\ ;&nbsp\;\n\n&nbsp\;\nContact&nbsp\;<a href=" te-\;messageId=MTImKCS0Wy 89KBK%2FDG9ufilhZkXJKli7&amp\;purpose=display&amp\;bodyType=htmlNoExternal s"></a>&nbsp\;or call (408) 294-3138 to reserve a spot. SUMMARY:Tom Graves author of Twice Heroes: American's Nisei Veterans of WWI I and Korea URL:/en/events/2013/08/03/tom-graves-author-of-twice-heroes-americans-nise/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR