BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20130406T000000Z DTEND:20130406T000000Z DESCRIPTION:SCHOLARLY CONFERENCE - PART 2\nPROGRAM\n9:00-10:15AM\nSESSION 5 - JAPANESE-BRAZILIAN MIXED-RACE REALITIES\n&ldquo\;Lost in Japan: Represe ntations of Japanese-Brazilian Children&rdquo\;\nZelideth Mar&iacute\;a Ri vas (Marshall University)\n&ldquo\;Mesti&ccedil\;a and/or Haafu: Japanese- Brazilian Women and Their Mixed-Race Bodies Questioned in Brazil and Japan &rdquo\;\nTamaki Watarai (Aichi Prefectural University)\nDiscussant: Lily Anne Yumi Welty (UCLA)\n\n10:15-10:30AM\nCOFFEE BREAK\n\n10:30-12:00PM\nSE SSION 6 - FILM SCREENINGS\nTrailer for Mixed Match (Director\, Jeff Chiba Stearns\; Associate Producer\, Athena Asklipiadis)\nDocumentary &ndash\; N either Here Nor There (2011\; Director\, Ema Ryan Yamazaki)\nScreenings fo llowed by discussion with the filmmakers\n\n12:00-1:15PM\nLUNCH BREAK\n\n 1:15-2:30PM\nSESSION 7 - HAPA JAPANESE VISUAL ARTS: A ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIO N ON ART AND IDENTITY\n&ldquo\;Creative Identities: Transformative Hapa Ja panese Artists&rdquo\;\nYasuko Takezawa (Kyoto University)\nWith Featured Artist Presentations by Laura Kina and Shizu Salamando\n\n2:30-2:45PM\nCOF FEE BREAK\n\n2:45-4:15PM\nSESSION 8 - READING RACE: REPRESENTATIONS OF MIX ED-RACE JAPANESE\n&ldquo\;Hapa Covers: Japanese Enka and Its Mixed-Race Af rican American Star&rdquo\;\nChristine Yano (University of Hawaii)\n&ldquo \;America&rsquo\;s Forgotten Children: Representations of American-Japanes e Mixed Race Children in Post-WWII Japan&rdquo\;\nSayuri Arai (University of Illinois)\n&ldquo\;Manga or Marvel?: Multiracial Japanese/American Visu al Narrative in Indy Comics&rdquo\;\nLeiLani Nishime (University of Washin gton)\nDiscussant: Cynthia Nakashima (co-editor of The Sum of Our Parts)\n \n4:15-4:30PM\nCLOSING DISCUSSION\n\nREGISTER:&nbsp\;<a href="http://hapaf" target="_blank">http://hapafestday</a>\n\n---\n\nMore on&nbsp\;<a href="http ://">HAPA JAPAN</a>:\n\nA FREE FESTIVAL CELEBRATING MIXE D-RACE AND MIXED-ROOTS JAPANESE PEOPLE AND CULTURE!\n\nCome join us at fro m April 2-6\, 2013 in Los Angeles for a concert featuring hapa artists\, a comedy night at East West Players\, readings by award-winning authors\, a historical exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum\, film screen ings of great documentaries\, and a 2-day academic conference at USC. SUMMARY:Hapa Japan 2013 Scholarly Conference Part 2 - Hapa Japan 2013 Festi val/Sawyer Seminar III Capstone Conference URL:/en/events/2013/04/06/hapa-japan-2013-scholarly-conference-part-2-hapa/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR