BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20130217T000000Z DTEND:20130217T000000Z DESCRIPTION:In honor of Japanese American Day of Remembrance\, the Minidoka Pilgrimage Planning Committee and Seattle University are proud to present this year's Day of Remembrance Taiko Festival 2013.\n\nThis year will fea ture the exhibits "Ancestry is not a Crime: &nbsp\;A Tribute to Gordon Hir abayashi" and "My Minidoka" original photographs. Doors to the exhibits in Pigott Atrium located just outside the auditorium will open at Noon. The Minidoka Pilgrimage Planning Committee will also have merchandise for sale during the event.\n\n<strong>Featured Taiko Groups:</strong>\n Seattle Ma tsuri Taiko\n Inochi Taiko\n Ringtaro Tateishi/The School of Taiko\n Kaze Daiko\n Seattle Kokon Taiko\n Northwest Taiko\n One World Taiko\n Stadium High School Taiko Club\n Tacoma Fuji Taiko\n\n<strong>Featured Exhibits in the Pigott Atrium (Doors open at Noon of the show):</strong>\n Ancestry i s not a Crime: A Tribute to Gordon Hirabayashi\n "My Minidoka" by Johnny V aldez y Uno\n\n$20.00 General Admission\n\n<strong>Buy tickets online: <a href="" target="_blank">www</a></strong>\n\nBuy tickets in person :\n Japanese Cultural &amp\; Community Center\n 511 16th Ave S. Seattle 98 144\n 206.568.7114\n\n<strong>Background:&nbsp\;</strong>\n\nThis event is in honor of Japanese American Day of Remembrance\, an annual observance o f the signing of Executive Order 9066 that ordered 120\,000 Americans of J apanese ancestry to be imprisoned in concentration campus during World War II.&nbsp\;\n\nThis show benefits Friends of Minidoka and the Minidoka Pil grimage. With your contribution\, we will be able to offer Senior Scholars hips to those who were incarcerated at Minidoka Incarceration Camp to atte nd the Minidoka Pilgrimage.\n\n<em>Sponsored by: Seattle University and Th e Japanese Cultural &amp\; Community Center of Washington</em> DTSTAMP:20230329T002744Z SUMMARY:Day of Remembrance 2013 Taiko Festival URL:/en/events/2013/02/17/day-of-remembrance-2013-taiko-festival/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR