BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20091107T000000Z DTEND:20091114T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>SUMI-E WORKSHOPS \n (Japanese Ink Painting)</strong> \n at the\n Japanese American Service Committee\n\nExplore sumi-e\, the anci ent art of Japanese ink painting. Individualized instruction is provided. Beginners will learn to use Japanese painting equipment and the techniques used to paint classic nature subjects such as bamboo\, chrysanthemums\, a nd plums.\n\n<strong> Saturdays\, 1:00-4:30PM\n </strong> November 7\, 200 9: Beginners/Continuing \n November 14\, 2009: Continuing\n <strong>Instru ctor: Mrs. Kay Thomas</strong>\n<strong>Supplies for Sumi-e \n One Ink Sti ck and one Ink Stone or One Bottle Japanese Black Ink \n and one Medium Ja panese Brush \n One Medium Pad Rice Paper (Hosho) 9&icirc\; x 12&icirc\;</ strong>\n<strong>Sumi-e supplies can be purchased at: </strong> <strong></ strong>\n<strong>Toguri </strong>\n<strong>851 W. Belmont\, Chicago\, (773 ) 929-3500</strong> \n Class fee per Workshop:\n JASC members: $30 \n Non- members: $40 \n Download workshop registration forms <a href="http://www.j" target="_blank">here .</a>\n<p style="font-family: Arial\,sans-serif\; font-size: 12px\;">For f urther information please contact JASC at <a target="_blank">jascinfo@jasc</a> .\n <em>You are receiving this e-mail because you have in dicated interest in receiving information about JASC and/or Japanese Ameri can events and activities. Please contact the sponsoring organization dire ctly for information\, if it is different from the JASC. If you would like to unsubscribe\, or feel that you have received this information in error \, please e-mail us at <a target="_blank"></a> < /em>\n\n<p style="font-family: Arial\,sans-serif\; font-size: 12px\;">Japa nese American\n Service Committee\n 4427 N. Clark Street\n Chicago\, IL 60 540\n \n Social Services\n 773.275.7212\n \n Cultural &amp\; Community Pro grams\n 773.275.0097\n \n Fax\n 773.275.0968\n \n Web Site\n <a href="http ://" target="_blank"></a> \n \n C lick here for\n <strong><a href="\;sa fe=off&amp\;q=4427+n.+clark+st\,+chicago&amp\;ie=UTF8&amp\;split=0&amp\;gl =us&amp\;ei=PIKISavFGqCYNZ23nMgH&amp\;ll=41.963351\,-87.666113&amp\;spn=0. 00785\,0.010922&amp\;z=16&amp\;iwloc=addr" target="_blank"> map &amp\; dir ections</a> </strong>\n\n DTSTAMP:20240720T025115Z SUMMARY:SUMI-E WORKSHOPS (Japanese Ink Painting) URL:/en/events/2009/11/07/sumi-e-workshops-japanese-ink-painting/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR