Talk By Mr. Yoshio Taira On The Miyamori School Fighter Jet Plane Crash Of 1959

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Community Event

2:00p.m. - 4:00p.m.

Buddhist Church of SF
1881 Pine Street
San Francisco, California
United States

Mr. Yoshio Taira, who is currently a school principal in Nishihara, Okinawa, was a second grader when a U.S. fighter jet crashed into his school killing 17 and wounding 210 people. The incident has weighed on Mr. Taira's memories throughout his life and in recent years he has begun to talk about it in his efforts to contribute to peace as an Okinawan. Upon hearing of the Nuchi du Takara exhibit, Mr. Taira decided to come to San Francisco to meet and talk to people here. Mr. Taira has written about his experience for the newspapers in Okinawa and has given talks in Okinawa, Japan, and even in France.

The event will also feature Ryukyuan dancing by Instructor Kinuko Mototake of Azama Honryu Seifu Ichizen Kai Mototake Kinuko Ryubu Dojo USA and Mieko Merril of Miyagi Honryu.

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