Doujin Overload

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Hyatt Regency Auckland
Cnr Princes St & Waterloo Quadrant
Auckland City, Auckland
New Zealand

modeled after Comiket Japan.

Doujin Overload is an exhibition of the constantly evolving style of communication, art and entertainment called doujinshi. The organizer, Anime NZ Ltd, is composed of like-minded individuals who share a deep appreciation for this sophisticated and thought provoking medium of expression, and wish to share the experience of this style of art with the community

Our goal is to celebrate the passion and enthusiasm of our local doujinshi artists. Doujinshi is a Japanese phenomenon, and while major aspects of what inspires it in its original culture have recently filtered down into our own popular culture - through translated works, animation and merchandise like Dragon Ball Z, Evangelion, Pokemon and Yugi-Oh - they are but the tip of the iceberg. While they are relatively well recognized names, awareness of this growing branch of popular culture is still limited in New Zealand. However it is growing due to officially released and published material becoming easier to find and acquire. Forums, venues, and even just awareness of the opportunities for fan and fan-artists still remain under-developed. Enthusiasts can experience difficulties in finding others with similar interests, and there are few social forums - that they are aware of - where they can gather together. By giving local doujinshi artists the opportunity to increase their exposure - by displaying their works to the general public through a common forum - Doujin Overload will increase awareness of this form of artistic expression.

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