Seabrook Obon Festival and Tour

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Seabrook Farms
Seabrook, New Jersey, 08302
United States

For those interested in Japanese American history, culture and communities, you are invited to come on a special tour of the farmland village of Seabrook, and participate in their lively Obon festivities this Saturday, July 18. 

Background: Starting in 1944, Seabrook Farms, a frozen vegetable produce plant in rural southern New Jersey provided work and housing for Japanese Americans released from the US concentration camps of World War II.  A Japanese American community of 2,500 joined a multicultural labor force so unique it was featured in LIFE Magazine.  I have a connection to Seabrook as it is where my father's family resided after the war, and where my grandfather served as a Buddhist minister. 

On this all-day excursion, we will visit the Seabrook Buddhist Temple and Meditation Garden, the Seabrook Educational and Cultural Center Museum with extraordinary memorabilia from "The Global Village," the Seabrook Brothers & Sons produce plant (tour led by CEO James Seabrook, Jr.), and the primitive lodgings that housed Japanese American families.  The visit will culminate in the Seabrook Obon celebration - folk dancing, taiko drums, Japanese craft activities and food.  The Seabrook Obon attracts throngs of visitors from many states.

This is a fascinating and fun opportunity to experience a unique Japanese American community, and grasp a complex history that is relevant today.

For more details about the Seabrook trip, contact  Donna Tsufura at,  646-765-5906.




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