"Tokyo Then, Tokyo Now" Colloquium at UCLA, May 31

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9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.

Perloff Hall, UCLA
Los Anglees, California
United States

"Tokyo Then, Tokyo Now" Colloquium
Saturday, May 31
Perloff Hall, UCLA

9:00-9:25 COFFEE
9:25-9:30 Introduction

9:30-10:15 1
a) Oblique Trajectories: Contrasting the Future Urban development of Mexico City and Tokyo
b) Going Nowhere >> Where to Now? Los Angeles Re-imagined through the Tokyo transit Example
c) Tokyo Mass Transit: Kago to Shinkansen

10:20-11:05 2
a) Metabolism Rising
b) Spanning the Century: From Tokyo Bay to Fibercity
c) The Burning Desire for International Acceptance: The Olympic Games in Tokyo

11:10-11:55 3
a) Undressing Japan, Understanding Japanese Fashion
b) Critical Consumerism- Social Discourse in Contemporary Architectural Practices
c) Spaces of Political Representation and the Public Realm Activation of Open Public space in Dense Metropolitan Areas

12-12:30 LUNCH BREAK

12:30-1:00 4
a) Tokyo Subcenter Strategy
b) House not Home: The Commodification of Japanese Dwellings

1:05-1:55 5
a) Tokyo [EXTRACT] Strategies of Urban Representation in Film
b) The City of Tomorrow: A Reflection of the Past
c) Representations in Anime: A Thirty Year Look at Future Tokyo

2:00-2:40 6
a) Superflat Art. Superflat Architecture?
b) Tokyo: Techno City, a Study of Theory, Architecture and Popular Culture

2:40-3:00 Concluding Discussion

Funded in part by the Arts Initiative, a program of UCLA Arts & UCLA Theater Film and Television. Special thanks to the UCLA Center for Japanese Studies.




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