June 2-4, 2005, San Francisco: NOTICE TO ALL: California Conference on the Internment of Japanese Americans

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2006年6月2 2006年6月4

Radisson Miyako Hotel
San Francisco, California
United States

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NOTICE TO ALL: California Conference on the Internment of Japanese Americans
Thursday-Saturday, June 2-4, 2005
Radisson Miyako Hotel
San Francisco's Japantown

NOTICE TO ALL, the California Conference on the Internment of Japanese Americans is sponsored by the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (CCLPEP) - California State Library. Mark your calendars for this must-attend conference on June 2nd - 4th. This statewide working conference will be attended by hundreds of youth, educators, artists, historians, community leaders, activists, former internees, concerned citizens, as well as recipients of CCLPEP grants. Here are three reasons to attend:

(1) Honor the history of the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, those who lived through it, and generations who carry the legacy forward.

(2) Join us in shaping the future directives and priorities for the CCLPEP, an essential initiative in communicating civil liberties through the lessons of the Japanese American experience and bridging communities of understanding.

(3) Celebrate and support the breadth of CCLPEP projects and related works over the past five years. These projects were created in visual art, film & video, literature, theater, oral history, historic preservation, curriculum development, and exhibition.

What Conference Tracks Are Available?
Each conferee will participate in one interest track to network, share ideas and shape direction for the future of CCLPEP. Each track is designed to faciliate directives and projects to support and encourage the continuity of the CCLPEP program. Following is a brief description of each track:

Education - "Teaching Civil Liberties, Engaging History"
The Education Track will explore ways to effectively preserve and teach about the Japanese American internment experience through CCLPEP-funded teaching resources.

Historic Preservation - "Internment and Our Community's Resources"
The Historic Preservation Track examines tangible and intangible cultural resources that define today's Japanese American communities, and physical historic sites and its imprint on America's landscape.

Youth/Young Adult - "Why History and Civil Liberties Matter to Youth"
The Youth/Young Adult Track will address civil liberties issues relevant to youth and young adult groups, specifically college students (ages 18-22). The sessions will increase awareness about contemporary civil liberties issues as they pertain to youth/young adults.

Arts - "Concentration Camp Arts: Defining and Linking Community"
The Arts Track will examine the significant ways in which creative work contributes to the understanding of the camp experience and the Japanese American community, while serving as an important teaching tool for linking with diverse audiences.

Policy and Advocacy - "Post 9/11 and National Civil Liberties"
The Policy and Advocacy Track examines post-9/11 state and national civil liberties movements while drawing upon lessons from the Japanese-American internment experience. Special attention will be given to the monitoring of potential civil liberties violations and strengthening social consciousness regarding civil liberties.

General Interest - "Telling Our Story"
The General Interest Track is dedicated to hands-on workshops for developing projects that are thematically related to the Internment experience. Sessions include an introduction to oral history, photo archiving and captioning, scrap booking, and use of historic artifacts, various materials and other mediums.

How Can I Learn More?
If you would like general information or if you have questions, email info@CCLPEPconf.org, call 415.567.5505, or visit www.CCLPEPconf.org. The conference website will have the most current information.




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