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Edward Moreno

Call it what you want; its owners, Mr. and Mrs. Takeshi Murakami romantically named it Foo Foo Tei (風風亭) “The Wind Pavilion.” The Zip Code belongs in the glitzy Hacienda Heights’ numerology; but the venue is at 15018 Clark Avenue, near Turnbull Canyon, a half-rural half industrial commune. Drive by …

Chris You Were Late! - Part 4

Edward Moreno

>> Read Part 3The orthodox scientific view is that all Native Americans, Abenaqui to Zoque, descend from the Mongoloid people who, about 16,500 years ago, crossed from Siberia to Alaska through Beringia land bridge that later became the Bering Strait. In time, they became the Clovis people and, like all …

Chris You Were Late! - Part 3

Edward Moreno

>> Read Part 2Spending a life trying to convince the orthodoxy that one has found differences between accepted doctrine and new realities must be awfully frustrating. Eons often slip by before cultural barnacles can be removed from the theoretical ships of scientific dogma. Dr. Betty Jane Meggers’ epic stands among …

Chris You Were Late! - Part 2

Edward Moreno

>> Part 1Have you ever met a young American gakusei (student) who doesn’t remember the couplet: “In 1492 – Columbus sailed the Ocean blue?” Try my own version, please:

Chris You Were Late! - Part 1

Edward Moreno

While doing research for another article, I found information on the 1596 wreck of the Spanish Manila Galleon San Felipe, which was returning to New Spain (a territory in North and Central America whose main government was located in present-day Mexico) from the Philippines. Loaded with about a million Mexican …

Mochi Food of the Kami

Edward Moreno

* * *Editor’s note:One of the traditions that many immigrants keep that ties them to their home country is the food they prepare. Some traditions like mochitsuki and eating mochi bring fond memories to many Nikkei around the world. There are mochitsuki events posted on Discover Nikkei, including Chicago, USA …

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o2gawara is a retired broadcaster whose love for the Japanese culture he shares through several venues besides Discover Nikkei.

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