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Carlos Yushimito: The inevitable readings of a writer

Javier García Wong-Kit

His days pass in the academic world, in Viña del Mar, a city in the interior of Chile where he leads a peaceful life and where the word writer sounds less than the word book or reading.

Nikkei and Japanese literature in Peru opens space

Javier García Wong-Kit

At the risk of optimism being refuted with regional reading level indicators, some of the initiatives to promote reading in Peru show that there is an interest in the reading public that, however scarce, responds to the proposals that remain in some Lima spaces. This brief account of those that …

Aiko Yamada: Eisa to Remember Peru

Javier García Wong-Kit

Aiko Yamada Yoshimoto grew up in Lima, Peru, but her connection to traditional eisa dance of Okinawa became more important at a time when she lived far away from her country. She grew up in an artistic family. Her maternal grandparents are from Nago and in her house there were …

Nikkei film audiovisual creators

Javier García Wong-Kit

Today's world is a movie. Everyone consumes, through cinema, digital platforms and other media, different videos and similar content that come from the most distant corners of the world through large and small screens. Many Nikkei are taking advantage of this resource to tell their stories, some linked to that …

Raymi Kamishibai, the first Kamishibai school and library in Peru

Javier García Wong-Kit

There are initiatives that start with a name, with a man. Raymi Kamishibai is the first school and library for kamishibai, Japanese paper theater, directed by Pepe Cabana Kojachi, a Peruvian Nikkei of Ayacucho and Okinawan descent who mixed this technique in his art to tell stories for children with …

Reiwa Izakaya: Japanese taste in Peru

Javier García Wong-Kit

Nikkei fusion has been the main way in which Peruvians have learned about the benefits of Japanese cuisine. The wide variety of local ingredients has made most restaurants opt for a combination that has conquered palates around the world. Therefore, the commitment to open a traditional Japanese bar that serves …

German Chinen Murata: The secret artist

Javier García Wong-Kit

The story of German Chinen Murata (Lima, 1967) can be told as if it were a comic strip. The synopsis would be: a Peruvian Nikkei pursues his dream of being a cartoonist, but along the way he must travel to Japan to work, returning to his country to be a …

Breve y reciente historia del haiku en Perú

Javier García Wong-Kit

El Perú parece tener sus propias corrientes literarias entre las que el haiku sopla como una ventisca refrescante en el aliento de autores de distinta índole. Esta forma poética japonesa ha sido cultivada por varios escritores peruanos, desde José Watanabe y Javier Sologuren, pasando por Alberto Guillén y Arturo Corcuera, …

“Nikkei postcards”: generational correspondence

Javier García Wong-Kit

It began as a play and then became an intergenerational manifesto through the “Nikkei Letters of the Bicentennial” contest, whose objective was to document the feelings of the members of the Peruvian-Japanese community about the 200 years of the Independence of Peru. One of its youngest members, the Nikkei playwright …

The Uechi: brothers of Comadre and Compadre

Javier García Wong-Kit

The Uechi brothers have a very fraternal relationship with entrepreneurship and gastronomy. Carolina's story begins in 2012, when she opened her restaurant “La Cocina de Caro”, 1 where her father and uncles were her first partners, and a couple of years later in Kilo, a different steakhouse that has given …

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Periodista. Ha escrito sobre economía, medio ambiente, cultura y gastronomía para medios de Perú, España, México y Chile.

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