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Cumberland Chow Mein, Denbazuke, Karinto? It's Canadian Nisei Food!

Chuck Tasaka

How can you tell a Nisei by looking at the food they eat? Have you heard of Cumberland chow mein, denbazuke, or karinto? In the case of Japanese Hawaiians, you have heard of and most likely have eaten Spam sushi. Spam sushi became popular after World War II when the …

Greenwood, B.C.: First Internment Center

Chuck Tasaka

Greenwood, British Columbia, in Canada became the first internment center when Nikkei people were uprooted and “relocated” from the coast of B.C. On December 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and shortly after Canada declared war on Japan when Hong Kong, a British Commonwealth, fell to the Japanese army. This …

Winter Holiday, Nikkei Way

Chuck Tasaka

When the Canadian government finally gave the Japanese Canadians the freedom to have equal rights as all Canadians in 1949, they were able to choose their destination. The Nikkei families scattered across Canada. Some moved to the prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Others moved to Ontario and Quebec. …

You Are Canadian Nisei If...

Chuck Tasaka

Most Yonsei (4th generation Nikkei) and Gosei (5th) are most likely living very comfortable lives with their parents. There may be a Lexus, Acura, and an Infiniti parked in the driveway. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. For sure, a Honda Accord, Toyota 4-Runner, and a Nissan Note could be seen in …

Berry Picking in Mount Lehman

Chuck Tasaka

Nikkei Chronicles #4—Nikkei Family: Memories, Traditions, and Values

Isaburo Tasaka’s 100-year old Charcoal Kiln Found on Salt Spring Island

Chuck Tasaka

What is the old saying? “What is old is now new again.” For thousands of years, the Wakayama Prefecture craftsmen made charcoal to produce the finest steel to pound into samurai swords. These skilled Wakayama artists were coveted by the Shogun. They knew how to produce high-grade, quality charcoal to …

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A graduate of U.B.C. and retired teacher since 2002. Coached various sports for 41 years, but in 2010, I wanted to devote more time to the Nikkei history. I wrote two books, "Hanatare Bozu" and " Family History of Greenwood-Midway.

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