Theodore Shigeru "Ted" Kanamine

Sexo Male
Fecha de Nacimiento 1929-8-29
Lugar de Nacimiento Hollywood CA, U.S.A.
Inducted 1954-6-1, Omaha NB
Tipo de Alistamiento Volunteer
Afiliación Militar Army
Tipo de servicio prestado War,peacetime
Tipo de unidad militar Combat,sup
Unidades a las que sirvió US Military Police School; US Army Europe; 8th Infantry Division; 1st Infantry Division; US Army Military Advisory Group, Thailand; US Army Vietnam; 1st US Army.
Especialidad militar Military Police, Infantry (when you become senior in grade, you do 'everything')
Asignado USA - Kansas, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania,Georgia, Washington, Maryland; Germany (twice), Korea, Vietnam, Thailand
Retirado Ft. Meade MD
Responsabilidad en la unidad Garrison and combat military police support; Advisory duties Thailand; Combat support Vietnam; Military Police Services and Security, Germany; Reserve and National Guard Training with 1st Army
Responsabilidad individual Commander
Batallas principales (si sirvió en una zona de guerra) Vietnam - Tet
Reconocimientos, medallas, menciones (individuales o de la unidad) Distinguished Service Medal; Legion of Merit w/ Oak Leaf Cluster; Bronze Star Medal; Meritorious Service Medal w/ Oak Leaf Cluster; Joint Service Commendation Medal; Army Commendation Medal w/ 3 Oak Leaf Clusters; Parachutist Badge; Secretary of Defense Identification Badge; General Staff Identification Badge; My awards and citations were for various tasks associated with my numerous assignments. I simply did what was necessary in the very best manner I could.
Condiciones de Vida My conditions in Korea and Vietnam were somewhat primitive - but other soldiers were much more uncomfortable. At least we had cover from the rain and hot food and showers (cold) to bathe in. Entertainment was a occasional USO group. Otherwise, there were books, magazines and the Stars and Stripes.
Recuerdo más vívido de la experiencia militar One of my units was located in Saigon - I was present during the random VC rocket attacks on the city - 'scary'! We were busy all night helping victims of the attack - first aid, transporting to hospitals, etc. War is no fun! We must do all we can to avoid war - but if war is the only choice - we must win!
Lo que más extraño durante su tiempo en las fuerzas armadas Nothing. I enjoyed my many years in service and the lifestyle was one that me and my family were completely happy with.
¿En lo personal, qué obtuvo de su experiencia militar? Life is not always 'peaches and cream'. Tough times and big problems arise but a close family and good friends can solve almost anything. Home and country must be protected. Have the personal discipline to know what is right and develop the skills necessary to do whatever the task is in the best way you know how. This reflects my development in the military and the way I live my life today. I believe in the philosophy of 'Duty - Honor - Country'. I think my family and friends know this.

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