Kizuna: Historias Nikkeis del terremoto y tsunami de Japón

En japonés, “kizuna” significa fuertes lazos emocionales.

Estas series comparten las reacciones y perspectivas de los Nikkeis tanto en forma individual y/o comunal en el Gran Terremoto de Tohoku Kanto ocurrido el 11 de marzo de 2011 y el tsunami como también otros impactos- esfuerzos de colaboración o cómo afectó lo sucedido y sus sentimientos hacia el Japón.

Si quieres compartir tus experiencias, ver la página de instrucciones para enviar un artículo. Recibimos artículos en inglés, japonés, español y/o portugués. Estamos buscando diferentes historias alrededor del mundo.

Creemos que estas historias brindan consuelo a las víctimas en Japón y en el mundo, y esto resulta ser una cápsula de tiempo de reacciones y perspectivas de nuestra comunidad Nima-kai en el futuro.

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The Great Tohoku Disaster - Part 3

Read Part 2 >>

This is a recreation of my personal experiences from the e-mails that I sent to friends in Canada and Japan, TV news reports in Canada, the U.S., and Japan, and from what my wife Akiko told me.

Tuesday, March 15

hi guys we R ok no hydro/denki some toyu and some food no gas bad connection here no internet, borrowing a computer at a school. Want to know more about the nuke. Senji…Astuko and Hikari OK ???

see you Tomo


Hey Tomo, Judith told us that you are OK. Senji and family are in an …

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The Great Tohoku Disaster - Part 2

Read Part 1 >>

I will try to recreate my personal experiences from the e-mails that I sent to friends in Canada and Japan, TV news reports in Canada, the U.S., and Japan, and from what my wife Akiko tells me.

Saturday, March 12

We woke up exhausted from worry about family and friends in Sendai. Still no contact.


I got mail from Judith, the sister of my pal Tomo. She was frantic about his whereabouts:

Another message from Marnie from Australia, an old girlfriend of Senji, a good friend who lives in Sendai. The message is the same: …

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Japan Quake: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I know the title of this post is “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” but it’s been really hard to find anything good about the disaster unfolding in Japan. Truth is, words seem so trivial and I don’t even particularly feel like writing about the quake, or the tsunami or the nuclear crisis that’s changing by the hour. And you know I don’t do sentimental or sad very well—I prefer to keep those thoughts bottled up inside and express them by yelling at the cat or slamming doors like normal people do. But so many people have inquired about …

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Covering the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

I returned home from Japan last night and wanted to share a few thoughts, a few behind-the-scene moments and a link to a way you can help the Japanese people.

This assignment began a week ago Thursday night when the magnitude 9 earthquake hit. Morning News Executive Producer Tim Scowden called me at home to wake me and let me know we'd be going on early--at 4AM. He also knows that as an American with a Japanese mother, I have friends and family in Japan and that I'm involved in the Japanese American community here in the States. Tim asked …

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The Great Tohoku Disaster - Part 1

I lived in Sendai, Japan (1995 to 2003) where I worked as an English teacher and correspondent for the Nikkei Voice newspaper in Toronto, Canada. I travelled extensively throughout the Tohoku Region that has been devastated by the March 11th tsunami and earthquake. My wife, Akiko, is from Sendai where her family lives. I still have many friends that I correspond with who live in the affected area. I am writing the “Great Tohoku Disaster” with the intent to give Discover Nikkei readers a truer sense of the magnitude and extent of this catastrophe from the point of view of …

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