Satsuki Yamashita

Satsuki (Suki) Yamashita works for Kondo Wealth Advisors and also runs her own Outdoor Advertising Consultancy. Her parents lived and worked in Little Tokyo for many years, and the family used to meet every Sunday for dinner.

Updated October 2014

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest

Mr. K

I don’t know what drove me to perversely show up at the Nippon Ichi-ban Ramen house on our designated day and time as if we were still together. We’d shared the same table for lunch every Wednesday for three years. I was proving her point about my rigidity and boringness, which were the reasons she cited for dumping me. I chose to ignore the real reason; the pretty-boy, new trial attorney on the Sugarman case. No matter how many ways I came up to compare myself to him, I lost.

I stared out the cafe window, watching the growing crowd …

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