Michael M. Sera

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA by his Issei parents who raised him with Japanese values at home while being educated by American schools, he was able to assimilate to both cultures and languages from an early age. Has been in the semiconductor and electronics industry for over 25 years and now has his own consulting company where he helps bridge the technology and culture gap between Japan and North America.

He became involved with JAMsj in the late Summer of 2010 by helping with the construction of the JAMsj Exhibit area. He is now more often found as a Docent on the weekends, with an occasional hammering here and there. Michael also joined the JAMsj Board in May of 2011. His attraction to JAMsj was the opportunity to give back to the local community while learning more about the Japanese American experience. “I’ve learned more from the internees who visit JAMsj then I will ever read about” says Michael.

Updated January 2014 

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Kizuna: Historias Nikkeis del terremoto y tsunami de Japón

Ai Love Japan 2014: Visiting Tohoku After the Quake

After the “Tohoku Insights 2013” event at JAMsj [Japanese American Museum of San Jose] last year, I was inspired to visit the Tohoku area and see the aftermath first hand. My journey was made richer because I was able to visit the region with professional photographer and journalist Darrell Miho, a co-founder of Ai Love Japan. Because the mission of Ai Love Japan is to document survivor stories and provide direct aid to the people most affected by the earthquake, Miho has visited the Tohoku area more than a dozen times since the disaster of March 2011. We made the trip the weeke...

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