Amaranth Rose

Amaranth Rose lives on the Pacific coast in rural Mexico.  She and her husband have an organic farm with over 100 varieties of tropical fruit trees.   She enjoys cooking from the garden, painting, and haiku.

Updated November 2011

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Crónicas Nikkei #1 — ¡ITADAKIMASU! Sabores de La Cultura Nikkei


I was nurtured, body and soul, by the food of my mother and grandmother.Junko, my mother, always health conscious, made eating fun when my sisters and I were young. She would point out the bright colors of perfectly cut and steamed vegetables, bright as jewels with a light, crisp crunch. She would hold her ear to my mouth, exclaiming in delight, “I love rabbit sound!” Mom would ask, “how many colors can you eat?” and we would count the colors. She could make purple cabbage taste beautiful. I cannot call it red because she refined my discernment of colors and taste...

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