Michael Tanouye

Michael Tanouye retired in 2018 from a wide-ranging 47-year career in the arts, sciences, and management for several well-known companies. A highlight was developing a total quality assurance program at U.S. Borax in the 1990s. He lives in Santa Monica with his wife Hildyne. In retirement, he is raising his cooking game, and also takes classes at Santa Monica College in subjects he never took during his 1970s Cal State Dominguez Hills days.

Updated October 2020

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Crónicas Nikkei #9—Más Que un Juego: Deportes Nikkei

Remembering Nikkei weightlifting champions

Nikkei athletes have won numerous national, world, and Olympic titles in the sport of weightlifting. Richard Tomita, Emerick Ishikawa, and Harold Sakata represented the US at the 1948 Olympics in London, along with Chinese American Richard Tom. Tom took the bronze medal in the bantamweight class, and Sakata took the silver medal in the light-heavyweight class. Sakata later achieved show business fame as Oddjob in the James Bond movie Goldfinger. Along with swimmers and divers, these lifters were in the forefront of Asian American athletes who achieved worldwide recognition. The 1952 Olym...

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