riKu Matsuda

riKu Matsuda is a mixed Nikkei queer trans man born in Garden Grove and raised in the Antelope Valley. In the early 1990s, his grandparents’ nursery was sold to Edison through eminent domain. Today, riKu frequents Evergreen Cemetery in Boyle Heights to gain inspiration and hope from his ancestors. 

Updated March 2018

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Nikkei al descubierto: una columna de poesía


The new season upon us is ushered in here by Los Angeles/Orange County-based riKu Matsuda and LA-born and raised Rick Noguchi, who each lend us two pieces that spring the many from memories and characters in our lives. There is a familiarity with the lessons learned and shared—of family, work values and awkward first jobs, to the fierce and funny heroes around us in community. Enjoy! —traci kato-kiriyama  * * * * * Rick Noguchi’s publications include two collections of poetry, The Ocean Inside Kenji Takezo (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1996), which won the Ass...

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