Austen Lock

Austen Lock is 12 years old. He is in 7th Grade and is a part of the Orange County Buddhist Church (OCBC). He does many activities at OCBC, including taiko, basketball, and Boy Scouts. He likes camping and going to Japan.

Updated May 2019

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest VI

A Reason to be Proud

“Hey Buddhahead! C’mere! I want to talk to you. Where are you going? You’ve got nowhere to run. I just want to talk! Buddhahead!” I run away. Again. Back to the corner where Collin will never find me. The same routine every day. I hide until right before the bell rings, wait for my teacher to take roll, and run inside the locker room as fast as possible. Thankfully, P.E. is my last class of the day, so after I can just take off and leave. I take the 20-minute bus ride to Monterey Park, hop off at Floral, and run up the stairs to me and Mom’s apartment. As soo...

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