Brian Kito

Brian Kito is the third generation owner of the Fugetsu-do family business.  Preserving his cultural heritage through the preservation of Little Tokyo is another passion.  In the interest of public safety in Little Tokyo, Brian was one of the founders of the Little Tokyo Public Safety Association.

Updated 2004

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The Fugetsu-do Story

*Editor's Note: This article was written in 2004 and Fugetsu-do is currently celebrating its 112th anniversary. My grandfather, Seiichi Kito, was born in Gifu, in Central Japan. He came to the United States in May 1903 and went to where other Japanese immigrants were – in the East First Street district of Los Angeles (now known as Little Tokyo). The Japanese population numbered 3,000 and, by November, my grandfather started producing sweets and opened Fugetsu-do with a couple of friends. As his business partners passed away, my grandfather found himself managing Fugetsu-do for the nex...

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