Jeridel Banks

After graduating from San Diego State University, Jeridel Banks went to Japan as an English teacher, manga podcaster, magical realism book reviewer, and Japanese culture blogger ( She is the author and illustrator of Ang Nanay Ko ("My Mother" in Tagalog) and The Ends Don't Tie with Rabbits.

Updated November 2014

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Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest

Smile’s Sonata

“Can you loan me this book?” A lanky man in a pair of black slacks and a white button-down shirt held a book in his hands. He was very tall, enough for me to tilt my head to look at his face. His skin was smooth and youthful, and his cheekbones rose high on his face, giving him a feminine nature. The jawline snapped to a strong point, defying the womanly features that accompanied his shapely nose and fair complexion. His thin lips were turned into a warm smile. With his taut, black ponytail, he seemed misplaced among the stacked rainbow spines and brown bookshelves. A band membe...

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