Lauren Emiko Ito

Lauren Emiko Ito is a Gosei (fifth generation Japanese American) poet, performer, and community craftswoman from an island outside Seattle. Her writing and community organizing explore the tensions of choice and force within identity, inheritance, and home. Lauren’s work has been featured by The Seattle Times, Japanese American Citizens League, National Japanese American Historical Society, Civil Liberties United Anthology, and in various performance venues, including the Mission Arts Performance Project, Then They Came for Me exhibit, and The Beat Museum. Her most recent published work is featured in San Francisco’s Poet Laureate Kim Shuck’s anthology, The City is Already Speaking. She lives in San Francisco, and can almost always be found by the sea. Follow her work on Instagram @Lauren.Ito 

Updated August 2019

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Nikkei al descubierto: una columna de poesía


How do memories, observations and spirits transfer through our bodies and onto the page? How does a poem reveal where we hold the gift and burden of memory in our body? Happy August everyone...I’m excited to bring two beautiful young voices into the “Nikkei Uncovered...” fold. This month, we have Yonsei teen, Greer Nakadegawa-Lee hailing from Oakland, and Gosei Lauren Ito, based in San Francisco via Seattle. On the surface, their poems may be read as text tied to identity and family history, but I read these as body poems - there is a kind of tactile, somatic exploration ...

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