Amy Honjiyo

Amy Honjiyo was born in East LA, California, transplanted in the suburbs and foothills, and re-rooted in Monterey Park. Her day jobs consisted of “pushing pencils then tapping keyboards.” She homeschooled a kodomo, and learned the best lessons start from the heart. She is now retired and recycled as a bokashi composting garbage collector in Little Tokyo.

Updated September 2019

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Nikkei al descubierto: una columna de poesía


This month, I sought out poems from Los Angeles-based Nancy Uyemura and Amy Honjiyo. I'd been asking Nancy for quite some time now to send me some writing ever since I learned she writes from time to time in the background of her beautiful art making career. Then, I saw both of them onstage for one of the +LAB Artist-in-Residence culminations at the Aratani Theatre in Little Tokyo (supporting my fellow cohorts Marina Fukushima and Isak Immanuel) and was caught in a sort of awe in seeing these two wonderful beings up there, so present in a performance moment. Their pieces here are ...

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