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(n. 1931) Trabajadora social shin-issei

How I started learning social work (Japanese)

(Japanese) I was encouraged to go back to school and start something, so I first applied to the oriental (Asian) language department at UCLA. And I started going to graduate school. My neighbors helped me with the kids , picking them up and occasionally I had a hard time, like when my kids got injured. I tried to continue my studies, but I thought it might be too difficult, as I was told that I couldn’t take English as a second language. I had to take another foreign language, like Chinese, French, German, and pass the fluency test in order to get a degree.

At that time, my sister said something like, “You like to care for people, so I think you should shift your focus to social service.” And since she went to school here, I was convinced enough to change departments.

And social, I mean, I studied the oriental language in graduate school for about a year and a half. Then I applied to the social welfare (program), hoping to become a social worker. Luckily I got accepted and what’s more, I was able to get the scholarship I applied for, and I remember that it covered the babysitting fees, which was good. And the tuition was free, too, I mean, I didn’t have to pay it, so I was very grateful.

Fecha: August 28, 2015

Zona: California, US

Entrevista: Mitsue Watanabe

País: Watase Media Arts Center, Japanese American National Museum


Ella nació en la ciudad de Nishinomiya, Prefectura de Hyogo, el día 3 de enero de 1931. En 1959, con el objeto de ayudar a su hermana mayor que se había casado en los Estados Unidos viajó a dicho país. Y allí conoció a quien es su actual marido y con quien contrae matrimonio. Desde ese entonces reside en este país. Luego, estudia Bienestar Social en la UCLA (Universidad de California, Los Angeles) donde se gradua para ser Trabajadora Social. Actualmente se dedida a dar clases en el Centro Comunitario en las afuera de Los Angeles para los extranjeros que quieran adquirir la ciudadanía nortemericana como así también colabora con las actividades culturales japonesas y el bienestar de los adultos mayores. (Abril de 2018)

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