BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20190608T000000Z DTEND:20190608T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Canada&rsquo\;s pre-eminent taiko ensemble Nagata Shachu close out 20th anniversary season with &lsquo\;Taiko x Celtic!\,&rsquo\; an expl osive mash-up\, for the first time\, featuring North America&rsquo\;s Celt ic band The American Rogues.\n\nThe American Rogues (Baltimore\, Maryland and Hamilton\, Ontario based)\, renowned for their skill\, quick wit\, com pelling storytelling and engaging stage show\, are equally known for their multi-instrumental sound\, including jigs\, reels\, hornpipes\, ballads\, originals\, soundtracks\, military music and Irish foot-stompers.\n\nSinc e 2009\, The American Rogues have drawn comparisons to Wolfstone\, Afro Ce lt Sound System\, Trans-Siberian Orchestra\, symphonies and Japanese taiko groups. Headlining shows in Asia\, Europe\, U.S.A. and Canada\, they have taken Celtic\, rock\, roots\, soundtrack\, world\, Japanese and classical music by storm.\n\nARTIST QUOTES:\n\nNagata Shachu director Kiyoshi Nagat a states\, &ldquo\;In its 20-year history\, this is the first time that we have worked with a Celtic band. This pairing may be unexpected\, but it w orks! The American Rogues are highly energetic and entertaining group of m usicians\, who share our passion for exploring new creative possibilities using tradition as the springboard. We are excited to share the stage with them in our final concert of the season\, it will be nothing like we've e ver done before!&rdquo\;\n\nLeader of The American Rogues\, Hamilton&rsquo \;s Nelson Stewart states\, &ldquo\;The American Rogues are extremely hono ured to be performing with Nagata Shachu. I have long been drawn to Japane se culture\; I studied Japanese history\, the band performed in Japan\, an d my wife and I\, fellow American Rogue Jeania Stewart\, studied taiko und er Nagata Shachu member Tony Nguyen. I was thrilled when Kiyoshi agreed to our two bands working together. As it turns out\, we had both seen each o ther&rsquo\;s episodes in the &lsquo\;Sounds of Canada&rsquo\; series\, an d\, believing that the same heart beats within the music of both Japanese and Celtic culture &ndash\; it was a match made in heaven. The American Ro gues hope that this will be the first show in a partnership that will cont inue for many years to come.&rdquo\;\n\nTICKETS:\n\nRegular\; $27./$32./$3 7. Student/Senior\; $20.\n\nOnline\;&nbsp\;<a href="https://www.harbourfro\;festival_id=0" target="_blank ">\;festi val_id=0</a>.\n\nPhone\; 416-973-4000\, press 1.\n\nIn person\; Box office \, 235 Queen&rsquo\;s Quay West\, Toronto\, ON\, M5J 2G8.\n\nVIDEOS:\n\nNa gata Shachu\;&nbsp\;<a href="" target="_blank"></a>.\n\nThe American Rogues\;&nbsp\;<a href="h ttps://" target="_blank"></a >.\n\nMORE INFO:\n\n<a href="" target="_blank">htt p://</a>.\n\n<a href="" target="_blank"></a>.\n\nNagata Shachu me mbers performing in this concert are Kiyoshi Nagata (director\, master sol oist\, taiko\, shinobue/flute)\, Aki Takahashi (taiko\, shamisen\, vocals) \, Tony Nguyen (taiko\, woodwinds)\, Jason Huang (taiko)\, Andrew Siu (tai ko) and Naoya Kobayashi (taiko).\n\nNagata Shachu has toured extensively a nd played rare and unusual collaborations with artists including acclaimed Toronto author and storyteller Rui Umezawa and Toronto contemporary dance rs Noriko Kusama and Yuichiro Inoue\, the Toronto Arts Foundation&rsquo\;s Arts in the Parks initiative\, world/roots ensemble DRUMHAND\, Japan&rsqu o\;s acclaimed taiko\, kokyu and shinobue virtuoso Shogo Yoshii (formerly of Kodo drummers)\, Juno nominated Toronto Tabla Ensemble\, co-founder and principal dancer of Japan&rsquo\;s Kodo drummers Chieko Kojima\, renowned blues artists Ken Yoshioka and multi-Juno Award winner Julian Fauth and i nternationally renowned shamisen master\, Japan&rsquo\;s Masahiro Nitta.\n \nThe American Rogues play at major music festivals\, theatres\, Highland Games\, military bases\, Tattoos\, renaissance festivals\, clubs and more. This includes shows with world-renowned violinists/composers Lindsey Stir ling and Alison Krauss\, airplay on TV and radio and concerts at the World Music Festival in Quebec\, Canada\, where they have played six years runn ing. In 2017\, they became the &ldquo\;St. Paddy's Band&rdquo\; of Rogers Radio stations nationwide and 2018 saw them appear at the Cowal Highland G athering in Scotland (largest Celtic festival in the world).\n\nThe Americ an Rogues have released seven recordings and a DVD. Ceili Magazine called 2010&rsquo\;s &lsquo\;3 LBS. of RAGE&rsquo\; &ldquo\;The best Celtic rock CD produced this year and one of the best Celtic music CDs... period!&rdqu o\;\n\nABOUT:\n\nSince forming in 1998 and while rooted in the folk drummi ng traditions of Japan\, Nagata Shachu's principal aim is to rejuvenate th is ancient art form by producing innovative and exciting music (through co ncerts and workshops) that creates a new voice for Taiko. Taking its name from founder and Canada&rsquo\;s pre-eminent taiko soloist Kiyoshi Nagata and &lsquo\;shachu&rsquo\; (old term for a performing troupe)\, Nagata Sha chu has toured throughout Canada and countries including USA\, Europe\, Le banon and Mexico\, and has previously released six CDs of original music ( latest\; Hymus Road\, 2013)\, and four DVDs (latest\; Toronto Taiko Tales\ , 2017). DTSTAMP:20240614T124949Z SUMMARY:Taiko x Celtic: Nagata Shachu and The American Rogues URL:/en/events/2019/06/08/taiko-x-celtic-nagata-shachu-and-the-american-rog / END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR