BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20181007T000000Z DTEND:20181007T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>Sharing culture and food at the Okinawa Bazaar</strong> \n<strong> </strong>\n<strong></strong>The Okinawa Association of America (OAA) will host their Annual Okinawa Bazaar on October 7 (Sunday)\, 11 AM - 4 PM\, at the OAA Center in Gardena. This event is the organization&rsqu o\;s largest annual fundraiser and is currently the only Okinawa-focused f estival in Southern California.\n\nWhat started out as a small gathering o f members has grown into an intergenerational cultural event that brings t ogether hundreds of families for an afternoon of tasty food\, soulful ente rtainment\, fun games\, raffle drawings (win Disneyland tickets!)\, and mo re.\n\n<strong>Food Booths</strong>\n<strong> </strong>\n<strong></strong> The food booths will feature a number of maasan (delicious) Okinawan foods such as saataa andaagii (&ldquo\;Okinawan dango&rdquo\;)\, Uchinaa suba ( Okinawa soba)\, ashitibichi (pig&rsquo\;s feet)\, rafutee (Okinawa-style s low-cooked pork belly)\, ice cream made with beni-imo (Okinawan purple pot ato)\, and taco rice (a popular fusion dish in Okinawa). There will also b e local festival staples like teriyaki bento\, spam musubi\, and shaved ic e.\n\n<strong>Live Performances</strong>\n<strong> </strong>\n<strong></st rong>The all-day entertainment program will showcase the traditional and c ontemporary performing arts of Okinawa (music\, dance\, and taiko)\, karat e demonstrations\, Hawai&lsquo\;ian dance\, and more. This year&rsquo\;s s pecial guests include the cast members of &ldquo\;Letters to Eve\,&rdquo\; an independently-produced musical that follows Japanese American families during World War II\, and the energetic eisaa drumming students from El M arino Language School.\n\n<strong>Raffles and Shopping</strong>\n<strong> </strong>\n<strong></strong>For those who want to start their holiday kooi mun (shopping) early\, raffle tickets are available for $1 each with an ex tremely coveted grand prize: four Disneyland tickets ($400+ value\; genero usly donated by the Walt Disney Company)! Merchandise booths will have sou venirs from Okinawa (limited supply)\, original Okinawa-themed merchandise (tote bags\, t-shirts\, and postcards)\, and fresh plants and produce. Lo cal dance group Majikina Honryu Aigen no Kai will also sell handmade craft s and white elephant items.\n\n<strong>Children&rsquo\;s Games</strong>\n< strong> </strong>\n<strong></strong>This event is a great opportunity to e xpose the younger generations to Okinawan culture while also enjoying a fu n family outing. The warabi (children) tent will have a variety of carniva l games like bean bag tic-tac-toe\, ping pong ball toss\, water balloon fi shing\, and a disk drop game. Prizes are given to all participants (while supplies last). There will also be a photo booth with an Okinawa-themed di gital background.\n\n<strong>Legacy</strong>\n<strong> </strong>\n<strong> </strong>The Annual Okinawan Bazaar is organized by the Okinawa Associatio n of America (OAA)\, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed by Okinawa n immigrants over 100 years ago. The organization has been kept alive by m ultiple generations of driven volunteers and generous donors. 2019 will ma rk the organization&rsquo\;s 110th anniversary as well as the OAA Center&r squo\;s 20th anniversary.\n\n&ldquo\;We are blessed for the foresight of o ur elders had in creating a central gathering place for our organization a nd the surrounding community\,&rdquo\; said Yuko Yamauchi\, OAA&rsquo\;s E xecutive Director.\n\nThe goal of this year&rsquo\;s fundraiser is to rais e money for much needed repairs and renovations for the OAA Center&rsquo\; s facilities. While the OAA has only been at the current location for 20 y ears\, the structures themselves are close to 100 years old.\n\n&ldquo\;By coming out to the Bazaar\, people will not only experience the flavor and vibrant culture of Okinawa\,&rdquo\; Yamauchi continued\, &ldquo\;but the y'll also be contributing to make sure the OAA Center is a safe and comfor table place to gather and host events.&rdquo\;\n\nThe OAA Center is locate d at 16500 S. Western Ave.\, Gardena 90247. Please use streetside parking. Early arrival recommended\; popular food/merchandise items sell out quick ly. Booths will only accept scrips (available to purchase at the event\; c urrent OAA members can pre-order at a discounted rate). More information a nd schedule: 310-532-1929 (weekdays\, 10 AM - 4 PM)\, \, <a href="" target="_blank">< /a>\n<strong>\nVolunteers</strong>\n<strong> </strong>\n<strong></strong>V olunteers will be needed on October 6 (Saturday)\, 7 (Sunday)\, and 8 (Mon day). Service hours are available for students. Those who are interested i n helping with set-up\, booth operation\, and/or clean-up can contact the OAA or fill out a Google form: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>\n<strong>\nSponsorship</st rong>\n<strong> </strong>\n<strong></strong>The 2018 OAA Bazaar would not be possible without support from generous sponsors. Individuals and compan ies interested in becoming a sponsor should contact the OAA as soon as pos sible for sponsorship tiers and benefits. SUMMARY:Annual Okinawa Bazaar 2018 – Cultural Performances and Food\, Gam es\, Raffles URL:/en/events/2018/10/07/annual-okinawa-bazaar-2018-cultural-performances/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR