BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20171008T000000Z DTEND:20171008T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong><em>Culture\, food\, community at Annual Okinawa Bazaar </em></strong>\n<strong><em> </em></strong>\n<strong><em></em></strong>The <strong>Okinawa Association of America (OAA)</strong> will host their Ann ual Bazaar on Sunday\, October 8\, at the OAA Center in Gardena.\n\nWhat s tarted out as a tiny gathering of members has grown into an intergeneratio nal cultural event that brings together hundreds of families for an aftern oon of tasty food and soulful entertainment.\n\nThe food booths will showc ase a number of <em>maasan</em> (delicious) Okinawan foods like <em>sātā andāgī</em> (&ldquo\;Okinawan dango&rdquo\;)\, Okinawa soba\, <em>ashit ibichi</em> (pig&rsquo\;s feet)\, <em>rafutē</em> (Okinawa-style slow-coo ked pork belly)\, ice cream made with <em>beni imo</em> (Okinawan purple p otato)\, and taco rice (literally taco ingredients over rice\; a popular f usion dish in Okinawa).\n\nThe all-day entertainment program will feature the traditional and contemporary performing arts of Okinawa\, Hawai&lsquo\ ;ian dance\, karate demonstrations\, and more. Exciting additions to this year&rsquo\;s program include two spoken word performances by <em>yonsei</ em> (fourth-generation) Okinawan descendants and a mini sanshin workshop/l esson with local musicians\, Yuna &amp\; Tida.\n\nFor those who want to st art their holiday <em>kōimun</em> (shopping) early\, $1 raffle tickets ar e available with a $300 grand prize for one lucky winner. Booths will also be selling souvenirs from Okinawa (limited supply)\, original Okinawa-the med merchandise (tote bags\, t-shirts\, and stickers)\, and handmade craft s donated by local dance group\, Majikina Honryu.\n\nParents can plan a fa mily day and bring the kids to the <em>warabi</em> (children) tent. Fun ac tivities include games\, arts and crafts (including painting with bingata- style stencils)\, and a photo booth with an Okinawa-themed background.\n\n The OAA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed by Okinawan immigran ts over 100 years ago. The Okinawa Bazaar serves as the group&rsquo\;s lar gest annual fundraiser and the goal of this year&rsquo\;s event is to rais e money for the OAA Center\, which is in need of significant repairs and u pgrades.\n\n&ldquo\;We are blessed for the foresight of our elders had in creating a central gathering place for our organization and the surroundin g community\,&rdquo\; said Yuko Yamauchi\, OAA&rsquo\;s Executive Director . &ldquo\;By coming out to the Bazaar\, people will not only experience th e flavor and vibrant culture of Okinawa\, but they'll also be contributing to make sure the OAA Center is a safe and comfortable place to gather and host events.&rdquo\;\n\n<em>Rikka Uchinaa </em>Bazaar<em> nkai ikana</em> (let&rsquo\;s go to the Okinawa Bazaar)! <strong>October 8\, 11AM - 4PM\, at the OAA Center\, 16500 S. Western Ave.\, Gardena 90247.</strong> Parki ng available in nearby residential areas. Early arrival recommended\; popu lar food/merchandise items sell out quickly. Booths will only accept pre-p aid scrips (available to purchase through the OAA office and at the event) .\n\n<strong>Pre-order scrips or make a tax-deductible donation:</strong> <a href=""></a>\, 310-532-1 929\n\n<strong>More info and schedule:</strong>&nbsp\;<a href="http://oaam" target="_blank"></a>\n<strong></strong>\n <strong>Volunteers Needed:</strong> This event is organized and executed e ntirely by volunteers. Those who are interested in helping with set-up\, b ooth operation\, or clean-up can contact the OAA volunteer coordinator at <a href=""></a>. DTSTAMP:20230324T170826Z SUMMARY:Annual Okinawa Bazaar &amp\; Fundraiser URL:/en/events/2017/10/08/annual-okinawa-bazaar-amp-fundraiser/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR