BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20150129T000000Z DTEND:20150404T000000Z DESCRIPTION:On exhibit 1/29/15-4/4/15\nTuesday-Saturday 10AM-6PM&nbsp\;\n\n <strong><em>Body and Matter: The Art of Kazuo Shiraga and Satoru Hoshino&n bsp\;</em></strong>is curated by Koichi Kawasaki\, former director of Ashi ya City Museum of Art and History in Japan. This exhibition places a group of 23 important abstract paintings made over the course of the fifty-year career of legendary Gutai artist Kazuo Shiraga\, in dialogue with a serie s of nine works from the 1990s by Satoru Hoshino\, a prominent member of t he avant-garde postwar Japanese ceramics group Sodeisha\, the &ldquo\;Craw ling through Mud Association\,&rdquo\; founded by Kazuo Yagi (1918-1979) i n Kyoto.&nbsp\;<strong><em>Body and Matter&nbsp\;</em></strong>invites new insights into Shiraga&rsquo\;s extraordinary oeuvre through juxtaposition with the art of another Japanese master of a parallel universe: clay. Alt hough they were near contemporaries in Japan\, Shiraga (1924-2008) and Hos hino (b. 1945) never met. The exhibition at Dominique L&eacute\;vy marks t he first time their work will be shown in juxtaposition\, tracing the thre ad of the informe&mdash\;the &ldquo\;formless&rdquo\;&mdash\;in the radica l and poetic work of two great postwar Japanese figures who exploited diff erent mediums and created fresh art-historical dialogue through their inno vative approaches to matter and individuation.\n\nOn view through April 4\ , the exhibition coincides with&nbsp\;<strong><a href=" /art/exhibitions/between-action-and-unknown-art-kazuo-shiraga-and-sadamasa -motonaga" target="_blank"><em>Between Action and the Unknown: The Art of Kazuo Shiraga and Sadamasa Motonaga</em></a></strong>\, co-curated by Koic hi Kawasaki with Gabriel Ritter\, at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) in Dal las\, Texas. Also devoted to advancing exploration into the contributions of Shiraga\, Kawasaki&rsquo\;s DMA show is the first to pair his art side- by-side with that of fellow Gutai artist Motonaga.\n\n<strong><em>Body and Matter&nbsp\;</em></strong>is accompanied by a fully-illustrated exhibiti on catalogue\,&nbsp\;<a href=" dy-and-matter"><strong><em>Body and Matter: Kazuo Shiraga | Satoru Hoshino </em></strong></a>\, featuring poetic writings by both artists as well as original essays by curator Koichi Kawasaki and noted art historian John Ra jchman.&nbsp\;\n\nDominique L&eacute\;vy\, in collaboration with Axel Verv oordt Gallery\, is pleased to simultaneously publish the first definitive English-language monograph on Shiraga's work\,&nbsp\;<a href="http://www.d"><strong><em>Kazuo Shiraga</em ></strong></a>. The publication offers leading research and scholarship on the work of Shiraga through several newly commissioned essays by Koichi K awasaki\, John Rajchman\, Ming Tiampo\, and Reiko Tomii. Also included is previously unpublished archival material pertaining to Shiraga's career an d selected writings by Shiraga in English translation.&nbsp\;\n\nDominique L&eacute\;vy gallery will present a parallel program of events in New Yor k during the course of the exhibition\, including a panel discussion with Koichi Kawasaki\, Alexandra Munroe\, Ming Tiampo\, and Reiko Tomii\, moder ated by David Raskin\, on February 12\, 2015. DTSTAMP:20230320T152942Z SUMMARY:Body and Matter: The Art of Kazuo Shiraga and Satoru Hoshino URL:/en/events/2015/01/29/body-and-matter-the-art-of-kazuo-shiraga-and-sato / END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR