BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20120219T000000Z DTEND:20120219T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Every year the Japanese American community in the Chicago area comes together to commemorate the 1942 signing of Executive Order 9066\, w hich led to the forced incarceration of some 120\,000 Americans of Japanes e ancestry during World War II.\n\nDay of Remembrance 2012 will feature re adings from &quot\;Omoide: Childhood Memories\,&quot\; a collection of ref lections on being Japanese American during World War II. Story artist Ann e Shimojima will present her original performance piece &quot\;Hidden Memo ry: An American Story\,&quot\; one family's journey from Japan through the wartime incarceration camps.\n\nThis event is sponsored by the Chicago Ja panese American Council\, the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society \, the Japanese American Citizens League-Chicago Chapter\, and the Japanes e American Service Committee.\n\nThe program is free and open to the publi c.\n\n<span style="border-collapse: separate\; color: #000000\; font-famil y: Times\; font-style: normal\; font-variant: normal\; font-weight: normal \; letter-spacing: normal\; line-height: normal\; orphans: 2\; text-indent : 0px\; text-transform: none\; white-space: normal\; widows: 2\; word-spac ing: 0px\; font-size: medium\;"><span style="color: #222222\; font-family: arial\,sans-serif\; font-size: 13px\; text-align: left\;">\n<span style=" font-family: Corbel\,Geneva\,Verdana\,Arial\,sans-serif\; font-size: 12pt\ ;"><strong>&nbsp\;DAY OF REMEMBRANCE 2012</strong> \n<span style="font-fam ily: Corbel\,Geneva\,Verdana\,Arial\,sans-serif\; font-size: 12pt\;">SUNDA Y\, 19 FEBRUARY\n<span style="font-family: Corbel\,Geneva\,Verdana\,Arial\ ,sans-serif\; font-size: 12pt\;">2:oo PM - 4:oo PM\n<span style="font-fami ly: Corbel\,Geneva\,Verdana\,Arial\,sans-serif\; font-size: 12pt\;">CHICAG O HISTORY MUSEUM\n<span style="font-family: Corbel\,Geneva\,Verdana\,Arial \,sans-serif\; font-size: 12pt\;">1601 NORTH CLARK STREET\n SUMMARY:Day of Remembrance Chicago 2012 URL:/en/events/2012/02/19/day-of-remembrance-chicago-2012/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR